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Region: North America

Country: Mexico

Location: Navojoa

Total Budget: $75,000

Area of Focus: Community economic development

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Poverty, marginalization and social backwardness are a common denominator in a significant number of rural communities, especially in those located in the south of the state, particularly in the municipalities of Álamos, Navojoa, Etchojoa and Huatabampo in Sonora. marginalization is associated with the lack of social opportunities and the absence of capacities to acquire or generate them, but also with deprivation and inaccessibility to goods and services essential for well-being. Consequently, marginalized communities face scenarios of high social vulnerability, the mitigation of which is beyond personal or family control, since these situations are not the result of individual choices, but rather of a productive model that does not offer everyone the same opportunities. The disadvantages caused by marginalization are cumulative, configuring increasingly unfavorable scenarios. (CONAPO, 2012)

The resident population in these localities totals 80,945 people (CONAPO, 2012).


This projects is a continuation of a pilot project made in 2017 by a local college in Navojoa Sonora, that was successfully completed and the idea is to replicate the same project Rural economic development in more communities around the Navojoa Area

The Microregions program seeks to create sustainable development in the rural microregions of southern Sonora and in the San Ignacio Microregion, Navojoa and Etchojoa municipalities, interacting with 23 rural localities, with a management model focused on families living in vulnerable situation due to low income and various social deprivations cataloged by the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL).

The program operates with five general phases: general diagnosis, community awareness, participatory planning, inter-institutional management and execution of programs and projects, and the follow-up phase.It is promoted by the Research Center for Socioeconomic Development A.C.

The Program is presented as a long-term non-welfare development strategy that seeks to develop self-management capacities for development in families and communities by creating a rural development management platform led by a managing institution that monitors progress and coordinates the work agenda and that, without particular interests of any kind, seeks regional and micro-regional development by empowering local actors to participate


One year divided by Quarters:

Specific Objective 1. Obtain Comprehensive Social Development Plan for the San Ignacio Microregion

Target Cost: $ 28,000

Specific Objective 2. Obtain a Sustainable Development Plan for the San Ignacio Microregion

Target Cost: $ 22000

Specific Objective 3. Formulation and Evaluation of Investment Projects

Target Cost: $ 22000


Club members will interact in the process of supervise the diagnosis and training courses for the beneficiaries of the project also auditing the correct usage of the funds

Primary Host Partner

District: 4100

Rotary Club of: Navojoa

Primary Contact: Hector Iduma Valdez

Email: hector.iduma@carrier.com

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Need $70,000
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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System Entry: Creation of project page.


by Hector Iduma Valdez

Entry of project Rural Economic development CLUB ROTARIO NAVOJOA


by Hector Iduma Valdez

System Entry: Pledge of $10,000 by Hector Iduma Valdez of the Rotary Club of Navojoa, District 4100.


by Hector Iduma Valdez

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