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Project Description

Region: Africa

Country: Nigeria

Location: Abuja

Total Budget: $289,303

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

Identified Needs

According to WHO about 20% of the world population are hard of hearing but in Nigeria, the government has not paid attention to this health problem. Consequently, most of those with hard of hearing do not have access to hearing aids and are living below their potentials. If this problem is arrested early in life, affected children can reach their full potentials.

What to be Done

1. Test for Children Enrolled in Government Primary Schools in Abuja

According to the information obtained from the Universal Basic Education Commission in Abuja, 19,306 students enrolled into kindergarten, nursery 1 and 2 and primary 1 in September 2021. With an increase of 5% on a yearly basis, it is expected that about 21,236 students will be admitted in September 2023.

According to WHO, about 20% of the world population are hard of hearing, we can therefore infer that about 4,247 enrolling into government primary school in Abuja will be hard of hearing.

2. Screening and Distribution of Hearing Aids for Hearing Impaired in Abuja, Nigeria

According toworldpopulationreview.com, Abuja has a population of 6,322,783 out of which 1,264.557 is hard of hearing. This is about 6, 373,084 hard of hearing in out catchment area in 2023.

Unfortunately, the number of people using hearing aids are negligible compared to those in need because of high level of poverty and illiteracy and lack of funds to procure aids. However, only 500 hearing aids would be given out in the first phase.

Rotary Club of Abuja Metro in partnership with Vintage Hearing Foundation and Decibels Consultant Limited will screen, test and distribute hearing aids to be purchased from HAPPL and supplemented by the Hearing Rotary Action Group.

How Project will meet the Needs

1. Early Identification and diagnosis of children with hearing impairment

2. Information/awareness to the procedure to identify possible hearing loss in young children

3. Provision of hearing aids and batteries

4. Care of those with minor hearing problems- removal of wax, treatment of infections

5. Provide doctors and technicians to conduct test

6. Coordination of the project

Uses of Funds

1. Purchase and Distribution of hearing aids

2. Engagement of Decibel Consultant Ltd

3. Rentage of Test Equiptment

4. Mental Health Education for Hearing Impaired


2 Years

Primary Host Partner

District: 9125

Rotary Club of: Abuja Metro

Primary Contact: Omotunde Balogun

Email: omotunde_balogun@yahoo.com

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Project listed for the 2022-23 Rotary Year.

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