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Country: India

Location: Varkute, Pune, India

Total Budget: $40,000

Area of Focus: None

Activity Type: Water: Supply/Access

Summary: This project involves desilting of an existing water percolation reservoir to recharge wells supplying about 20,000 people in Varkute Village near Pune, India.

This international project involves de-silting of an existing percolation pond. The pond accumulates rain water during the monsoon season for and recharges the local aquifer that supplies wells in the region. The reservoir and percolation will help to increase ground water table. The local village governmental body with the help of India government approved engineers has done survey and studied the technological aspects of the project.

This project is in rural area called the Varkute Village, located in the Taluka Indapur District near Pune, India. There area approximately 20,000 beneficiaries which includes the villagers and local farmers. The local community uses the well water for drinking, cattle feeding and agricultural purposes.

Due to the drought conditions and silting in of the reservoir, the wells have reached low levels and the recharging of the aquifer through percolation from the reservoir is minimal. Removal of the silt from the reservoir will improve water storage and subsequent percolation in to the water table. Because of these conditions, the villagers and local farmers receive water from tanker trucks during summer. This is expensive and requires the villagers to wait in long lines just to receive their ration of water. The implementation of project will result in availability of water throughout the year which will result in overall improvement in hygiene, economic conditions and standard of living.

The Government hydrological study and water quality report has been taken in to consideration while designing the project. The project has strong local community support and involvement.

A local Rotary club will execute and manage the project with the help of local village labor (Grampanchyat)

Project Contact Person

District: 5440

Rotary Club of: Fort Collins After Work

Primary Contact: Bill Emslie

Email: emslie.bill@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $5,000
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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by Bill Emslie

System Entry: Creation of project page.


by Bill Emslie

System Entry: Pledge of $5,000 by Meena Borate of the Rotary Club of Culver City, District 5280.


by Bill Emslie

System Entry: Pledge of $25,000 by Meena Borate of the Rotary Club of Pune Hillside, District 3131.

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