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Region: South America

Country: Bolivia

Location: Sucre

Total Budget: $200,000

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Maternal and child health, Economic and community development

The Integral Project " Healthy Woman - Healthy House ", is an initiative born of the need of the women of the Community of Pampas Punta of the municipality of Sopachuy, who through their leaders and local authorities, request the Club Rotary - Sucre, to be able to support this initiative by transforming it into an integral project framed by the principles and values of Rotary International and its areas of action.

The Integral Project "Healthy Woman - Healthy House " is a project that encompasses the Pampas Punta community, with special emphasis in support of the Mother - Niñ @ binomial, which, being a vulnerable sector of the population, requires the greatest amount of aid in all areas that can be helped.

The project is born from the harsh reality in which the families of the Pampas Punta Community still live, families composed of single women, who for various reasons and other people were left with several children (between 4 to 13), immersed in a great poverty with a subsistence economy, with little local, regional or national support.

These Families, which will be supported, currently live in an area of the municipality, which has a special feature to be in the endemic area of "Chagas disease" or bite of the "Vinchuca" (vector), Chagas in a parasitic disease tropical endemic to America, caused by the "Tripanosoma Cruzi", parasite transmitted by the bite of the "vinchuca", which is found from Mexico to South America, however, the disease is more prevalent in rural regions of Latin America.

The project will implement programs of health education, diagnosis and treatment of prevalent diseases, emphasizing Chagas disease, within the area of action Prevention and Treatment of Diseases.

In the Maternal and Child Health area, it will carry out education activities to improve Maternal and Child Health, supporting better and greater access to essential medical services in the municipality.

Regarding the area of support for the Economic and Integral Development of the Community, the professionals of the Economic Area of Rotary Club Sucre in coordination with the local and departmental authorities, will promote a measurable, sustainable and sustainable economic development, benefiting the communities of the Project and to as many beneficiaries as possible.

With regard to Low Cost Housing Construction, a special program of Global Grants, it is intended to benefit 25 families whose characteristics are based on being single women, without their own or community income sources, with an average of children over 5 years old. who have a sick person with Chagas or some type of Disability within their family.

The beneficiaries will be selected from among the community by the communal authorities and the technical evaluation team of Rotary Club Sucre.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4690

Rotary Club of: Sucre

Primary Contact: Hugo Mollinedo

Email: rotaryclubsucre@hotmail.com

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Need $133,334
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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