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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Perú

Location: Chanchamayo-Junín

Total Budget: $105,405

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

The Regional Hospital of Tropical Diseases "Julio César Demarini Caro" has a Hemotherapy Center and a Type II Blood Bank, which is the only one in Selva Central (the population excedes 600,000 inhhabitants). In the last 10 years the need of blood transfusions and blood products have increased in 2,300 % as a result of the population vegetative growth, the fact that our area is endemic for malaria, dengue, zica, chikungunya, etc., the increase of the number of motorcylce accidents, among others.

This proyect proposes to provide the hospital's blood bank with chemiluminescence and apheresis equipment, ensuring the capacity to respond to the constant growth in the need for blood products.

We present a case of a postpartum woman who is in coma because there was not enough blood products available (platelets) on time and the extraction of blood products wasn't fast enough (12 hours).

We are looking forward to reducing the mortality of the population of Selva Central through achieving a rapid extraction process, correct storage, sufficient stock and inmediate emergency response, this way, we will improve the attention quality of our population.

The supplier offers inicial training on the use of the equipment to all service personnel, providing 01 year warranty and ensuring the stock of spare parts.

The equipment becomes property of the HRMTJCDC, which assumes maintenance and sustainability from then on.

The HRMTJCDC will develop training in the use of the equipment for new staff.

Unit price: $54,054.05

Total Budget: $105,405.41

Primary Host Partner

District: 4465

Rotary Club of: Chanchamayo-La Merced

Primary Contact: Juan Vásquez Torres

Email: juanvasqueztorres@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5300

Rotary Club of: Las Vegas WON

Primary Contact: Chehab Elawar

Email: shabdg201415@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $101,705
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Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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System Entry: Pledge of $100 with $100 DDF by Chehab Elawar of the Rotary Club of Las Vegas WON, District 5300.

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