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Region: South America

Country: Perú

Location: Huacho

Total Budget: $154,786

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

One of Rotary's areas of interest is prevention and treatment of diseases, in this context the project that we present wants to support the Fire Company No. 20 located Av. Echenique No. 599, district of Huacho, province of Huaura, department of Lima was created in 1919, since that date there are more than 90 firefighters who have been giving their service to save lives. From January 1, 2022 to this date, multiple emergencies of all kinds have developed, some of which have been large-scale. There are approximately 242 emergencies attended in the city of Huacho and surroundings (fire 160, hazardous materials 55, medical emergencies 89, rescue 10, vehicle accident 72, total 334). The response to these events was very difficult due to the lack of rescue teams; preventive and corrective maintenance of the mobile units and lack of protective equipment for firefighters (the ones they have been used for 15 years). At the same time, the place where the fire company works is not adequate, the ceiling of the room and deteriorated kitchen, the living room does not have adequate furniture so that they can be distracted and rest. Another aspect to consider is the siren tower that alerts the fire brigade in the event of a major emergency. There are many shortcomings of the fire company, despite the fact that they have sought help from the population and public and private entities, the responses have been minimal. The population they serve is 171,070 inhabitants, where 97% of the population belongs to the urban area (165,505 inhabitants) and only 3% corresponds to the rural area (5,565 inhabitants). Faced with these needs, we want to be able to provide the necessary equipment and contribute to the maintenance of the premises as well as the units, so that they can carry out their work efficiently and quickly. We know that the response of the firefighters would be faster, at the same time that firefighter deaths could be avoided because they would have adequate equipment. The company answers calls from all the cities of the 6 provinces that make up the region of Lima. We will carry out this project in 3 stages, giving priority to the PPE teams of the firefighters.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4465

Rotary Club of: Huacho

Primary Contact: Karim Arevalo

Email: karimsamuel@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5300

Rotary Club of: Las Vegas WON

Primary Contact: Chehab Elawar

Email: shabdg201415@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $154,686
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Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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