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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Alappuzha

Total Budget: $31,500

Area of Focus: Water, sanitation and hygiene

Project 1

Kavalam Panchayath

Kavalam panchayath is situated in Kuttanad thaluk of Alleppey District in the state of Kerala. The whole Kuttanad thaluk is at 1.5 M to 3.00 M below the sea level. Country boats, Engine boats and world-famous House Boats move at an elevated level from the ground. 80% of the land is used for paddy cultivation, turning Kuttanad, as the rice bowl of Kerala,India.

Population of the Panchayath is 14010 as per the 2011 census. The literacy rate of Kavalam Panchayath is 97%. It has a very rich cultural background. Vast paddy fields and the country boat which are the major means of travel, derived, a special culture of folk songs related to harvest festivals and the rhythm of rowing boats. Famous Nehru Trophy Boat Race is arranged at Kuttanad back water and the winning champion "KAVALAM CHUNDAN" belongs to this panchayath. World's prime tourist attraction HOUSE BOATS, the back water connected to Vembanad lake and four major rivers Achancoil, Manimala, Pamba and Meenachil make this area water logged, throughout the year. The soil is Clay to a depth of 50 M. Rainy season changes this entire part of the Dist., a single pool, polluting all source of water.

Pesticides and fertilizers, used in the vast paddy fields, mix with the surface water, polluting the source of drinking water with toxic chemicals. The type of soil being thick clay, shallow wells does not yield sufficient water.

Public water supply system seldom works. As the source had to be taken up from stream side of river, to have pollution free water which is located about 40 km away from this panchayath. At present, Govt could satisfy only 20% water demand. During summer people have to make their own arrangement for drinking water. The tanker lorry or water supplied in country boats are seen insufficient. Cost of water is usually @ Rs 60 / 30 lit bottle. Poor class, give costly drinking water to children and they depend on polluted water collected from the temporary pond formed in paddy fields.

Survey confirms high prevalence of cancer in Kuttanad and 27% of death in Kuttanad is due to cancer. It is caused due to the use of toxic water for cooking and drinking purposes. Pesticides present in fishes are seen 10 times beyond the permissible level. A dependable low priced drinking water supply is highly essential to this area. We feel only Rotary could do it effectively. In past we have already arranged Drinking water supply to nearby Panchayaths, Edatva, Neelamperoor, Muttar and Kainakary, as Matching Grand Projects of our club successfully. The drinking water specialist engineers of our club, Rotary Club of Alleppey East, have proved their selfless services and capability through the past projects implemented by our club.

We propose a R.O Plant with tube well of capacity 2000 lit/hr for Kavalam panchayath. The land and pump house are contributions of the public and local self government. The project cost is estimated as Rs. 9 lakhs, excluding the land value and cost of construction of pump house.

Project , part 2

Pallathuruthy and Adjacent area

The proposed area Pallathuruthy and adjacent area is to cover Pallathuruthy, Kalarcode and Kaithavana in Alleppey town and part of Kainakary and Nedumudy Panchayaths. River Pamba flows through this area and terminate at Vembanad lake. The major part of this project area fall on both banks of the river, which covers 30% of the house boat tourism of Alleppey. Vast paddy fields spread over 20 sq.km, River, leading canals to paddy fields together with coconut tree at the boundary of bund of river and paddy fields gives extraordinary beauty of Kuttanad to the tourists. Above all the amazing level difference of paddy field and river. Paddy field are at about 1.5m to 2m below the water level at river, it thrills the tourists. The project area is at southeast part of Alleppey town and spread at both sides of Alleppey - Changanassery state highway.

Present water supply

Government agency Kerala Water Authority supplying pipe water to this area to satisfy 70% of their needs but due to the old distribution system (50 years) most of the pipes damage frequently, polluting the drinking water. As such, Kerala Water Authority advise to boil water before drinking. At present middle-income group and higher income group purchase homely R.O plants to make their own drinking water. Municipality and many other private agencies provide R.O water at this area for poor at nominal rate. But is quite insufficient to meet the demand.

Fast developing tourism houseboats

The Alleppey being one of the prime tourist destinations of the world, we have the highest floating population in Alleppey. Bottled water is supplied to them for drinking at Restaurants, houseboats due to high consumption R.O water is commonly used.

It is seen that the Kaithavana ward where the house boat jetty is located is most affected area.

Rotary Club of Alleppey East have formed a community core at this location Pallathuruthy ward near the Pakkey bridge. We propose to start a R.O filtered water distribution centre at this area as part of this project.

Project Budget

Providing Drinking Water in Kavalam(A) Panchayath, Pallathuruthy(B) & Kalarcode wards(C) in Alleppey Dist.

Activity Kavalam Pallathuruthy Mankombu

1.Drilling tube well 80 mm dia to a depth of 100 m 350000 250000 450000

2.Construction of tank foundation and tiling & pavements 100000 100000 100000

3.Submersible pump set with cable, control panel board,

Delivery pipes specials & electrical wiring 50000 50000 50000

4.Supplying 5000L syntex water tank and

distribution piping 30000 30000 30000

5.Electrical power connection and power line extension 30000 30000 30000

6.Supply, erection and commissioning of R O plant

with U V arrangements of 2000 lit capacity/hr 300000 300000 300000

7.Unforseen expenses 10000 10000 10000

Total in $ $10,470 $9,267 $11,674

Total cost in $ $31,500

Proposed finance

Host Rotary Club contribution DDF Club contribution %

District 3211 $3,500

Rotary Club of Alleppey East $3,500

Total Host contribution $7,000 22%

International Contribution $24,500 78%

Primary Host Partner

District: 3211

Rotary Club of: Alleppey East

Primary Contact: Aji Sarasan

Email: rotaryalpyeast@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

Need $21,000
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Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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