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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Colombia

Location: Neiva

Total Budget: $155,000

Area of Focus: Community economic development

LOCATION AND CONTEXT: The area of influence of the project is located in the SIBERIA CEIBAS REGIONAL NATURAL PARK in the department of Huila. Its inhabitants are members of rural communities far from Neiva, the closest city. Owners of small plots (minifundios), their lives revolve around the land, agriculture, with a very close relationship with nature, in conditions of multidimensional poverty.


1 Design and execute a long-term sustainable structural solution, in order to bring the community an opportunity for conscious progress and productive inclusion, which in addition to providing solutions to their short-term needs, manages to diversify the region's economy and strengthen your productive apparatus

2 Installation, start-up and consolidation of a successful sustainable beekeeping project, which allows changing the living conditions of communities in conditions of multidimensional poverty.

3 Manage to strengthen and diversify the income of each family in an initial amount of $1,400,000 (350 dollars per month), with the production and marketing of bee honey and its derived products (wax, propolis, pollen and nuclei). The environmental conditions of the reserve area, and having an area of 20 hectares in the project area reforested with 32,000 selected honey species, (our GG 2351361), allow us to expect the collection of a final product with the quality and conditions. quantity to be competitive.

4 Manage to open spaces of gender equality for the participation of women in a sustainable productive process and achieve the productive inclusion of young people, avoiding their forced displacement to the city to swell the belts of poverty, or being recruited by organized criminal groups.

Implementation and consolidation of a sustainable beekeeping project in ideal environmental conditions, in 15 apiaries with 480 hives, to benefit 15 families made up of 75 people, in conditions of multidimensional poverty. Women and young people will have priority.


With our project SIBERIA CEIBAS, HIVE OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STAGE I we offer the communities in the area the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty to which they are condemned in the current conditions of their productive life.


Initially, 15 peasant families made up of 75 people will be beneficiaries, but, taking into account that the project is based on a sustainable activity, to be developed in the long term under ideal conditions, the direct beneficiaries may include several generations.


Farmers in the area of influence of the project will be indirect beneficiaries due to the increased productivity of their crops, a product of the pollination processes of bees.


The sustainability of the project is guaranteed for the following reasons:

- COMMUNITY COMMITMENT: The community's commitment to improve their standard of living through productive work and the conservation of a privileged ecosystem is established from the project formulation phase.

- SELECTION OF BENEFICIARIES: The Social Work Office of the Regional Corporation of Alto Magdalena CAM, with more than 10 years of interaction with the community, and knowledgeable about the location of the families, their composition and their socioeconomic condition, will make the selection of the beneficiaries according to the profile desired by the Neiva Las Ceibas Rotary Club. Women and young people will have priority.


PHASE I The beneficiaries will receive a 280-hour training in beekeeping from the SENA National Learning Service, SENA Emprende Rural program, at the facilities of the La Colonia farm, located in the project area, managed by the CAM.

PHASE II The Comprehensive Huilenses Beekeepers Cooperative will provide in-person support to each family group for one year, in the processes of installation, production, maintenance, collection and packaging of beekeeping products.

PHASE III The Huila Chamber of Commerce, with the objective of promoting the growth and sustainability of the beneficiaries, during the execution of the project, will provide advice and training focused on business formalization, in the same way it will carry out complementary training related to commercial development, human and organizational talent, sustainability of entrepreneurship, financial education and preparation for trademark registration.

- MARKET: producers are assured of the sale of 100% of their final products, at market prices, with the company APIARIOS EL PINAR

- EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Family groups will receive all the equipment, supplies and supplies necessary for the development of the beekeeping activity.

- NEIVA LAS CEIBAS ROTARY CLUB: The presence of the Neiva Las Ceibas Rotary Club as leader of the project, and the institutional presence of our allies CAM, SENA, HUILA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, guarantee continuous monitoring, permanent evaluation of compliance with the objectives and good management of resources.


Since the first visit to the project area, on July 11, 2021, we had the active and enthusiastic presence of the community. Subsequently, for three months its delegates attended meetings at the Agricultural Development Secretariat of the municipality of Neiva, and in this year 2023 they attended meetings held at the CAM to finish structuring the project.


VALUE IN COP $620,000,000 VALUE IN USD $155.000





DISTRICT 4281 USD $ 600



TOTAL USD $155.000

We trust that with your help we will achieve the fundamental objective that brings us to the Armenia Project Fair 2024: CREATE HOPE.

Any additional information or concern will be gladly answered by:

Carlos Alberto Muñoz

Email: tecnitechosneiva@hotmail.com TEL 3165264974

Jaime Francisco Rojas

Email: jafra_1-7@hotmail.com TEL 3102667097

Primary Host Partner

District: 4281

Rotary Club of: Neiva Las Ceibas

Primary Contact: CArlos Alberto Muņoz O.

Email: tecnitechosneiva@hotmail.com

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Project listed for the 2024-25 Rotary Year.

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