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Region: South America

Country: Colombia

Location: Cartagena

Total Budget: $47,060

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

According to the Update of the Technical Guidelines for the implementation of Kangaroo Mother Programs in Colombia, with emphasis on the nutrition of premature or low birth weight neonates (page 13): "the World Health Organization (WHO) will recommend the use of the Kangaroo Mother Method (MMC) (2003), and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Colombia issued Decree 3039 of 2007 and Resolution 0425 of 2008 for the promotion of Kangaroo Mother Programs and the application of the KMC in all Health Units. Newborns of the country." The MMC seeks to improve the comprehensive health conditions of premature and/or low birth weight children, as well as the humanization of the care processes of the child and her family in the Neonatal Care Units (p. 17 ).

M&H SALUD S.A.S. IPS, governed under the guidelines of the Colombian Ministry of Health, seeks to reduce infant morbidity and mortality, increasing the coverage of timely screening of premature babies and low birth weight, less than 2,500 grams, without the need to transfer patients to the units. of local intensive care to safeguard the lives of babies and their correct development, avoiding complications associated with their prematurity and low birth weight, thus guaranteeing easy accessibility to all assessments and activities corresponding to detecting neurodevelopmental alterations in a timely manner. .

As an instrument to measure the effectiveness of the project, the following indicators were created:

1. Coverage of transfontanelar ultrasounds: total ultrasounds performed / total transfontanelar ultrasounds corresponding to the month.

2. Hip ultrasound coverage: total hip ultrasounds performed / total hip ultrasounds for the month.

3. Coverage of hearing screenings: total hearing screenings performed / total screenings corresponding to the month.

4. Percentage of altered transfontanelar ultrasounds: total ultrasounds performed / total transfontanelar ultrasounds performed in the month.

5. Percentage of altered hip ultrasounds: total of altered hip ultrasounds / total of hip ultrasounds performed in the month.

6. Percentage of altered hearing screenings: total of altered hearing screenings / total of screenings performed in the month.

In order to validate the opportunity in carrying them out, by having the team to do it intra-institutionally and make a comparison with months prior to the execution of the project.


M&H SALUD S.A.S., Madre Canguro, Service Provider Institution (IPS), in the city of Cartagena located in Urb. La Villa Lt 19 Mz A N°50-65 B/ Zaragocilla, contemplates the purchase and installation of equipment with the following project for hearing screening to promptly detect alterations related to hearing, because the target population has a high rate of sensory alterations, linked to immaturity in their neuronal and anatomical development, detecting and managing sensorineural hearing loss and hearing loss (deafness). , and equipment for monitoring vital signs, since the target population has a high risk of hemodynamic instability, apnea, risk of arterial hypertension due to their degree of immaturity and the aggressive management required for their stabilization and due to the comorbidities with which they leave the hospital. the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), installation of a power plant to ensure permanent electrical flow, in order not to interrupt continuity of care, because the clinical history is required to be recorded in the system, the climate of the region does not allows for an adequate technique of the changing kangaroo position, skin-to-skin contact, inadequate lighting does not allow

an adequate physical examination of the baby, installation of lamps for better lighting of the Institution due to the need to more accurately assess patients and the application of hospital paint to minimize risks of bacteria and microorganisms and an ultrasound machine to perform screening at 3 months of corrected age for the detection of hip dysplasia, a high-frequency pathology in premature patients that affects their psychomotor development and , Transfontanelar Brain Ultrasound, up to 40 weeks of gestational age due to high rate of intracranial hemorrhages and morphological and neurological alterations associated with prematurity and low birth weight.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4271

Rotary Club of: Cartagena de Indias

Primary Contact: Judith Romero Logeira

Email: plogreiera73@yahoo.es

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Need $45,266
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Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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