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Project Description

Region: Africa

Country: Uganda

Location: Mukono District

Total Budget: $42,639

Areas of Focus: Water, sanitation and hygiene, Basic education and literacy


Club Name: Rotary Club of Kampala - Ssese Islands

Project Title: Strengthening Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and supporting Basic Education and Literacy in Kisowera Primary School and the Surrounding Community.

Rotary Areas of Focus:

a) Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

b) Basic Education and Literacy

Project Location: Kisowera Primary School and nearby communities, Mpoma-Kisowera, Nama Sub-county, Mukono District, Uganda

Community Needs and How they were Identified:

Kisowera Primary School is a rural government supported, faith based public school located at Mpoma-Kisowera, Nama Sub-county in Mukono District in Central Uganda approximately 30.3 kilometers from Kampala. The school was opened 102 years ago, and currently has an enrolment of 465 pupils; 235 girls and 230 boys. The school, which is both day and boarding, sits on five (5) acres of land that was donated by St. Stephen Church of Uganda (Anglican), Kisowera.

A team of six Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Kampala Ssese Islands conducted a Community Assessment in Kisowera Primary School and its catchment areas on 26th November 2021. The team held meetings with key stakeholders including; pupils, teachers, non-teaching staff, the Headteacher, the Deputy Headteacher, the Senior Woman Teacher, the Lay Reader (Leader of Church community) at St. Stephen Church of Uganda Kisowera, the Mukono District Inspector of Schools, the Assistant District Health Officer/Environmental Health and the Assistant District Water Officer (Sanitation). Following the meeting the team inspected facilities at the school to ascertain their state and adequacy.

The team noted that: -

• The school lacked washrooms for boarders as well as appropriate girl-friendly conveniences for menstrual hygiene management and for menstrual waste disposal.

• The school did not have disabled-friendly latrines despite having children with disabilities and some latrines were in dilapidated condition.

• Although the teachers had sufficient latrines, they were in a sorry state. The teachers' washrooms also needed replacement.

• The school lacked a water purification system to provide safe drinking water for the pupils and teachers.

• Although the school had improvised handwashing facilities, they were grossly inadequate.

• The school was sharing its major water source, the bore hole with the congregation of St. Stephen Church of Uganda Kisowera. At the time of the visit, the borehole was not functioning adequately.

• Although the school had some rainwater harvesting tanks, they were insufficient to provide adequate drinking, bathing and cooking water. Most of the existing rainwater collection systems also needed repair. More so, the only available alternative clean water source, the community borehole has suffered mechanical breakdowns due to wear and tear over the years.

• The school had insufficient and inadequate furniture. A desk that should accommodate three learners was being shared by up to six learners.

• There were also knowledge gaps in the school on WASH management and reproductive health issues as well as the dangers and challenges of COVID-19 and how to avoid infection.

An improvised shelter at Kisowera PS being used by girls as the bathroom and for menstrual management

Boys' latrines at Kisowera Primary School with missing and broken doors

Project Beneficiaries:

The project will directly benefit 465 pupils (235 girls and 230 boys), 20 teachers and five (5) non-teaching staff of Kisowera Primary School, the church congregation of about 400 worshipers and staff of St. Peters Church of Uganda, Kisowera. Additionally, the project will also indirectly benefit over 8,000 parents and community members. It is anticipated that the pupils will act as agents of behavioural change in their homes and communities.

How the Project will address the Identified Needs:

Three new segregated VIP pit latrines, two for Kisowera Primary School (one each for boys and girls), and one for St. Stephen Church of Uganda will be constructed. The boys' wing will have six (6) stances (one dedicated to disabled children) and a urinal, while the girls' wing will have six (6) stances (one for children with disabilities), a separate room for hygiene and menstrual management and waste covered bins for disposal of sanitary pads. The stances for disabled children will be fitted with disability-friendly accessories. Handwashing stations will also be provided close to each latrine to promote hand-washing practices.

The school will also receive one 10,000lt. plastic water tank complete with rainwater harvesting accessories to improve availability of and access to water by pupils and staff. The missing fittings on existing latrines and water systems will also be replaced. Additionally, hygiene and sanitation education including training in making of reusable sanitary pads - to empower adolescent girls and women with knowledge and skills to manage their menstrual hygiene in a sustainable way - will be part of the wider context of health education in the school and the catchment community. The school will also receive 50 new wooden desks to supplement the existing stock.

The proposed project will be implemented in partnership with the beneficiaries who will contribute land, some local building materials such as sand, aggregates and labour while Rotary will procure the other components including water storage tanks, wooden desks, bricks, cement, paint, fittings and masonry and other technical expertise. Furthermore, the project will be executed in close collaboration with local partners to enhance sustainability. The District Education Officer, the District Water Officer, the District Inspector of Schools and the District Health Officer will provide the necessary technical input, oversight and follow-ups, and will participate in the proposed project trainings while St. Stephen Church of Uganda, Kisowera will mobilize worshippers to participate in the project and offer project monitoring.

Proposed Activities:

• Construction of three (3) new VIP pit latrines with associated sanitation amenities

• Construction of washrooms for boarders, for both girls and boys and teachers with proper drainage and waste water disposal

• Installation of one 10,000lt. plastic water tank complete with rainwater harvesting fixtures

• Procurement of 50 wooden desks

• Repair and upgrading of existing latrines and water systems

• Training to improve hygiene and sanitation knowledge of teachers, pupils and the community

Expected Results:

• Access to better sanitation facilities and safe drinking water by pupils, teachers and the community

• Improved attendance and retention among girls; and children with disabilities

• Improved literacy and academic performance by pupils in supported school

• Improved sanitation and hygiene knowledge by the teachers, pupils and the community

Budget Estimates:

No. Item description Cost

1. One (1) new boys' latrine complete with associated sanitary amenities US$ 6,500

2. Construction of Girls washroom block with incinerator US$ 13,349

3. One (1) new latrine for St. Stephen Church of Uganda, Kisowera US$ 6,000

4. Installation of one (1) water tank and rainwater harvesting systems US$ 2,850

5. Washrooms for boarders and teachers US$ 4,000

6. Provision of one (1) solar water purifier US$ 1,500

7. Repair of existing latrines and water systems US$ 1,200

8. Procurement of 50 desks US$ 1,640

9. Hygiene and Sanitation Training including making of sanitary pads US$ 3,100

10. Monitoring and Evaluation US$ 1,000

11. Rotary signage US$ 500

12. Contingency US$ 1,000

Total US$ 42,639

Funding (Host club & D9213 contributions):

1. Cash contribution from Rotary Club of Kampala Ssese Islands US$ 5,000

2. DDF from D9213 US$ 5,000

TOTAL US$10,000

Contact Information:

a. Alex Kabwama Email: alkabwama@gmail.com Tel. +256 702 134890

b. Helen Kawesa Email: hnkawesa@gmail.com. Tel. +256 776 926091

c. Nelson Kabwama Email: kabwamanel@yahoo.com Tel. +256 774 130341

Primary Host Partner

District: 9213

Rotary Club of: Kampala-Ssese Islands

Primary Contact: Alex Kabwama

Email: alkabwama@gmail.com

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Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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