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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Murbad, District - Thane

Total Budget: $52,500

Area of Focus: Water, sanitation and hygiene


Rotary Club of Thane suburban is a very active club in RID 3142. Rotary Thane Suburban Trust is a registered trust under the Mah Public Trust Act and has been regularly complying with all the govt. rules and regulations. It has been filing the Audit Reports and Income Tax Returns regularly.

The Trust has undertaken many notable projects in almost all avenues of service.

Proposed Water conservation program - CHECK DAM PROJECT

During the RY 2023-24, we have planned to construct 7 check dams in the rural areas. The selected Villages are situated in Shahapur Taluka of Thane District at a Distance of @ 15 Kms off Mumbai-Agra National highway No.3.This Villages falls in semi-tribal & hilly region with annual rainfall of more than 2500 mm where surface run off water is at present under-utilized because of lack of irrigation projects and Water Conservation Works. During the months from March to May the villagers face acute shortage of

Drinking water.


The villagers with the help of Local self-Government constructs Vanarai Bandharas across the non-perennial stream passing through the fields. Vanarai Bandharas are small temporary Dams built by filling empty cement / Polythene Bags with sand and arranging them in a form of wall 1.00 meter High.

Because of the short life (1 Year) of Vanrai Bandharas the villagers are compelled to perform this task every year at the end of Monsoon. The local farmers are by now educated to use this arrested water for cultivation of the land in the off season ie. months of October to March. Traditionally they grow only one

crop a year usually Paddy (Rice) in this area.

The Tangible benefits of Constructing Permanent check dams are:

1. It raises the ground water table of the area surrounding the check dam (Radius of 0.50 Km.) which increases the yield of the bore wells and open wells falling in this zone (@ 4 number per Dam).This enables the villagers to get drinking water for them & also for the live-stock in the summer.

2. Farmers can cultivate the fields for a second crop usually cash crops like vegetables, flowers, barley etc. This will increase the family income substantially increasing the standard of living (increase of Rs. 15,000/- per acre per year).Each check dam can hold water to the extent of approximately 25 Lakh litres and a minimum area of @ 30 acres can be irrigated.

The intangible benefits are outlined below:

1. The scarcity of work and water compels the local population to migrate each summer in search of work to the cities. If water and work is provided by this project, such migration could be avoided.

2. Children are deprived of continuous education due to migration. Lack of water also causes health & hygiene problems amongst them.



Approximately 15 farmers families per Check dam whose income could grow due to harvesting second crop.


1. Approximately 500 people per check dam in semi-tribal area could be benefited by availability of drinking water.

2. Approximately 50 cattle per check dam to be benefited by availability of drinking water.


Small permanent dams built of plain cement concrete, are found to be a suitable method of Rain Water Harvesting in the rural parts of Maharashtra. Good numbers of projects (493) are executed by Rotary in Thane, Palghar & Raigad Districts up to May 2023, which have shown good results. This proposal consists of construction of 7 check dams at locations in Shahapur Taluka of Thane District. All these sites have been surveyed through Rotary engineers and have in-principle approval from respective Gram Panchayats / local government bodies.


RC Thane Suburban Trust will appoint approved Engineers and contractors by entering into

a written agreement approved by RI DISTRICT 3142 and supervise the work through

Engineer Rotarians and Volunteers. All payments shall be made against bills raised by the

contractors only through bank cheques / demand drafts.


Construction of Check dams 7 Numbers as above will approximately cost USD 52,500/=.

Our Club will contribute USD 10,000/= and Dist 3142 will contribute USD 7500/=.

We are looking at balance contribution of USD 35,000/= by International Partner and the RI Foundation.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3142

Rotary Club of: Thane Suburban

Primary Contact: Sameer Sarangdhar

Email: sameer.sarangdhar@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

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Need $29,000
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Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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System Entry: Pledge of $10,000 with $7,500 DDF by SAMEER SARANGDHAR of the Rotary Club of Thane Suburban, District 3142.


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System Entry: Pledge of by Sameer Sarangdhar of the Rotary Club of Thane Suburban, District 3142.

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