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Region: Africa

Country: Rwanda

Location: Kigali

Total Budget: $120,300

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Maternal and child health

BACKGROUND: In September, 2016 Children's Orthopedic Education for Developing Nations (COEDN), a US-based non- profit NGO, commenced full-time training of 3 orthopedic surgeons at the Muhimbili Orthopedic Institute (MOI) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the premier referral and teaching hospital in this country of 60 million people. By November, 2018 an international team of doctors led by COEDN founder, director and Rotarian Dr. Mark Barry completed training of a two year accredited pediatric orthopedics fellowship program for the 3 trainees, now the first children's Orthopedic specialists in the country. This model provided for 11 trainers, who are highly experienced senior pediatric orthopedic surgeon volunteer educators from the US, Canada, and Israel to travel sequentially to MOI to train our trainees for 4-6 weeks at a time. This unique intensive training model resulted in the three fellowship trainees passing rigorous written and oral exams to obtain their certification as "Fellow of the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA)" (FCS paed-ortho (ECSA)) in December, 2019. By design, the final endpoint goal has always been for MOI to establish the first accredited pediatric orthopedic fellowship training center in the 14 nation ESCA region.

This training included a successful (2nd year) five month Rotary sponsored VTT global grant: GG1864829. The host club was the Rotary Club of Oyster Bay in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. This grant supported the expenses of sending 5 trainers from the US in the second half of 2019. This grant is complete and the outcome of training has been a great success. Our 3 graduates are now training 4 pediatric orthopedic fellows of their own! ...and many more anticipated in years to come. These newly (yearly) minted specialist surgeons will populate cities throughout Tanzania and beyond.

A near identical fellowship training program supported by VTT grant: GG1988382 was commenced in December of 2019 at CoRSU (Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services of Uganda) Hospital in Entebbe, Uganda.

CoRSU is a not-for-profit charity run hospital. This program provided a unique opportunity for the Rotary Clubs and Districts involved to work with a proven, established VTT template to execute a project that will increase capacity at a very high level at Uganda's leading pediatric orthopedic and plastic-reconstructive surgery center. Three orthopedic surgeons on staff are currently being trained in a similar fashion by our VTT trainers in a COSECSA accredited program. It is again the goal of this program to establish a COSECSA accredited "International Center of Training Excellence" in pediatric orthopedic surgery after the fellows graduate in December 2023.

THIS NEW VTT GRANT APPLICATION IS FOR RWANDA, a country of 14 million with no pediatric orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Barry has travelled there 3 times in the last 4 years to meet with local academic leaders who strongly desire the program to train their first 3 pediatric orthopedic surgeons for Rwanda, and establish a permanent international training center. The 2 year COSECSA accredited fellowship training program will commence in January 2024. Planning is progressing very well.

OBJECTIVE 1: Provide a full-time, curriculum of didactic education, hands-on surgical skills training and leadership skills training for 3 fellows in complex pediatric orthopedic conditions through on-going trainer visits over a full time 12 month period, followed by 4 returning visits (every 3 mos.) over the 2nd year of the formal COSECSA accredited 2 year training program.

OBJECTIVE 2: Graduate the local fellows and have them start a permanent fellowship training center of their own.

OBJECTIVE 3: Lay the groundwork for a future Pediatric SPINE Center, a first for East Africa.

FINANCES: Funds raised are to cover trainers expenses: airfare, accommodations, meal allowance, visa, license, travel insurance and incidentals.

YEAR 1: Approx. 13 trainer visits:

Airfare (coach): approx. $2800

Accommodations (apartment rental): $2500/ mo.

Meals allowance: $40/day

Visa, medical insurance, training license and incidentals: approx. $800

TOTAL: approx: $ 7,300 per VTT trainer x 13 visits = TOTAL: $ 94,900 -for year 1.

YEAR 2: 4 visits:

Airfare- same $2800

Hotel x 2 weeks: $150 x 15 = $ 2250. (apartment rental discontinued).

Meals: 40 x 15 = $600.

Incidentals (less for repeat trainers): $700.

TOTAL: approx: $ 6,350 per VTT trainer x 4 = TOTAL: $ 25,400 -for year 2.


Primary Host Partner

District: 9150

Rotary Club of: Kigali

Primary Contact: Eddy Sebera

Email: eddy.sebera@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5340

Rotary Club of: Del Mar

Primary Contact: Mark Barry

Email: drmbarry@mac.com

Project Status

Need $120,300
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