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Region: South America

Country: Colombia

Location: Medellin

Total Budget: $30,000

Areas of Focus: Peacebuilding and conflict prevention, Maternal and child health

COLOR FOOTPRINTS is a program aimed at young pregnant women between 14 and 19 years old, in a vulnerable situation. It intends to provide comprehensive support to young people and their families to generate changes that allow breaking the cycles of violence, abuse and abandonment, which can be generated from this condition.


Colombia is the third country in South America after Venezuela and Bolivia with the highest rate of teenage pregnancy (between 10 and 19 years old), 20% of all pregnancies in the country occur in this population.

In Colombia, 4,780 girls between the ages of 10 and 14 become mothers and 118,000 between the ages of 14 and 19.

In Antioquia and particularly the "Oriente Antioqueño" subregion (or east of the department), there are 1,200 adolescent pregnancies per year. Area in which our Rotary Club Medellin - Laureles has a social presence.

Currently, early childbearing is higher among the poorest 20% of the population.

19.5% of women between the ages of 15 and 19 have had at least one pregnancy. The percentage of infant mortality is 15% for every thousand children born and 50% of pregnant adolescents become pregnant again between 7 and 24 months after the birth of their child.


In addition to health effects, teenage pregnancy also causes multiple social problems, such as: family conflicts, increase in unplanned abortions, dropping out of school, changing life projects, discrimination, servile marriage at an early age, and perpetuity of poverty while discouraging the productivity and economic growth of a society (UN).

Normally they are the daughters of adolescent mothers, their older sisters were adolescent mothers too and the cycle continues to repeat itself.



Fully accompanying the young families of the program.


1. Developing construction processes in young pregnant women to lead them to accept themselves and creating safe and harmonious environments for themselves and their babies.

2. Encouraging responsible sexuality, to avoid a second pregnancy in similar conditions.

3. Encouraging young women to continue with their life projects, both in education and work, in such a way that they can balance their role as mothers and develop their skills and potential.

4. Creating a support network between young mothers themselves and the public institutions involved.


1. Psychosocial intervention of the mother or adolescent partner for the acceptance of the pregnancy and the baby.

2. Awareness and responsibility to build an emotional bond and a favorable environment with and for the baby.

3. Sensitization for the generation of possibilities and construction of the individual and family life project.

4. Basic resources for the arrival of the baby.


We make strategic alliances with secretaries of health of municipal mayors, hospitals and specialized training Centers.

Through previously defined logistics with the entities, a call is made and the group of adolescents with whom they are going to work is selected.

10 workshops are held with specialized personnel, through group activities that focus on issues to work with adolescents such as:

- Understanding motherhood, its changes and its particular situations.

- Healing, emotional discharge, forgiveness and reconciliation workshops.

- Communication with the baby and generation of ties.

- Sex education by a doctor.

- Mother care and lactation management.

- Self-help techniques and development of personal skills.

- Reflection on the life project.

- Participation of the family in the process.

The workshops close with a meeting with the family, where support commitments are generated and the delivery of a cardboard crib, a model taken from Finland, which contains basic elements for the baby such as clothes, blankets, useful diapers, toiletries etc. So that the mother can count on them from the birth of the baby.

Subsequently, the results are measured and the families are monitored.

Our club is present in the coordination and development of the program; we have accompanied 162 families and we hope to accompany 225 teenagers and their families in 2023-2024 y 2025.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4271

Rotary Club of: Medellín-Laureles

Primary Contact: Gladys Serna

Email: sernagladys23@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5300

Rotary Club of: Las Vegas WON

Primary Contact: Chehab Elawar

Email: shabdg201415@gmail.com

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Project listed for the 2022-23 Rotary Year.

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System Entry: Pledge of $5,000 by Gladys Serna of the Rotary Club of Medellín-Laureles, District 4271.


System Entry

System Entry: Pledge of $5,000 by Gladys Serna of the Rotary Club of Medellín-Laureles, District 4271.


by Gladys Serna

System Entry: Pledge of $25,000 by Gladys Serna of the Rotary Club of Medellín-Laureles, District 4271.


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