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Region: Eastern Europe

Country: Uganda

Location: Busia

Total Budget: $71,611

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Africa remains one of the most challenging infectious diseases in the world.

According to the latest report, there were an estimated 241 million cases and 627 000 deaths globally in 2020.

Malaria is preventable and treatable, and the global priority is to reduce the burden of disease and death while

retaining the long-term vision of malaria eradication. Sub-Saharan Africa has the heaviest burden, bearing

>90% of deaths, primarily in young children <5 years of age for whom antimalarial dosing guidelines are not

yet optimized. Malaria continues to cause unacceptably high levels of disease and death, as documented in

successive editions of the World malaria report

Malaria is endemic in Uganda, present in over 95% of the country and the leading cause of morbidity and

mortality accounting for 30-50%of outpatient visits, 15%-20%of all hospital admissions and up to 20% of all

hospital deaths (source; ministry of health Uganda).

Busia district located in Eastern Uganda -Bukedi Region a border Ugandan District to Eastern Kenya North of

Lake Victoria fresh water Basin is categorized as a high Transmission malaria Area with transmission of an

annual parasite incidence of about 450 or more cases per 1000 population and p. falciparum prevalence rate of


Busime Sub County in Busia District where project is intended to be implemented has malaria Positivity Rate of

above 80% per each testing session of a given Population. This is majorly attributed to its topography of

numerous vegetation cover and water logged area coverage all over.

Following Earlier community needs assessment in 2020 and the Malaria Partners International small Grant

approval of the Busime Malaria project in 2022 a number of activities were projected and implemented. These


I. Community sensitization about Malaria its cause, spread, control measures and general Malaria Smart Home


II. Training of VHTS in Screening of malaria cases at Village level

III. Long lasting Insecticide treated Bed Nets Distribution

IV. Treatment for uncomplicated malaria, referrals, Data capture and Submission at H/center.

With the above activities implemented we saw a reduction in Positivity rate lower to 62.23 % from the original

above 80% Positivity rate at Baseline.

we also saw 5000 Individuals Benefit directly and over 10,000 indirectly . For this particular grant if approved we

would love to see over 20,000 individuals Benefit directly in entire Subcounty of Busime and over 50,000


Due to insufficient funding we were unable to cover a large part of the community and only got limited to a

single Parish. From the Testimonials in the community as per the October 2022 report and bigger part of the

community gave support and were in appreciation of the Project Activities to continue being implemented

It's upon this Background that Rotary club of Busia, MBALE Metropolitaan Uganda Rotary District 9213 and Rotary club of Tacoma

North 5020 would like put together efforts and see more such Activities that reduce Disease Burden and Save

lives a in a wider area

Primary Host Partner

District: 9213

Rotary Club of: Busia

Primary Contact: James Bwire

Email: bwirejames90@gmail.com

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Need $62,411
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Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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