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Project Description

Region: Africa

Country: Kenya

Location: Mombasa

Total Budget: $37,400

Area of Focus: Community economic development


The Jomvu community within Tudor creek in Mombasa county lies adjacent to the ocean and mostly depends on mangroves for livelihoods (fishing, spiritual sanctuaries, medicine, honey and recreation).They have been affected by the loss of this ecosystem due to natural calamities (Elinino which occurred in 1994) and anthropogenic activities such as coastal development and deforestation. Over time, the community has lost its source of income and furthermore the issue of climate change is resulting into further constrains. The high poverty levels have affected mainly the fishing community who opt to venture into alternative sources such as timber cutting and charcoal burning from mangroves.

The problem statement in this area can be summarized into high poverty which pushes some households to resort to illegal logging to provide livelihoods to their families; Lack of skills in alternative livelihood opportunities and weak mangrove encroachment land policies.

In this project, alternative livelihoods in mangrove ecosystems like crab fattening in cages, bee keeping, boardwalk and a locally fabricated marine going boat for ecotourism as well as planting seedlings in degraded areas are proposed to ease off pressure on mangrove cutting and offer a chance for restoration of the mangrove ecosystems.

The project will therefore addresses

(i) economic development because it offers income generating activities to women and youths by providing alternative livelihoods by involvement in crab fattening and beekeeping as well as a boat for promoting marine tourism and a boardwalk made of recycled plastic waste

(ii) Biodiversity conservation because it will enhance knowledge on seedling planting and encourage local ownership of nurseries from which seedlings are purchased for restorstion of degraded sites

Project Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries are community members (villagers) living adjacent to Tudor creek mangrove ecosystem with a priority to youth and women who are most vulnerable members of the community. Others are students, Beach Management Units (fishermen, fish vendors), Community Forest Associations among others


The local community, the CBO -big Ship and Rotary Club of Mombasa Nyali will enter into partnership with another organization Watamu Crab shack and Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) on technology transfer basis to engage in specialized areas like crab fattening using locally fabricated cages. The crabs will be fed from waste from abattoirs and the market ready crabs sold to local hotels and the crab shack in Watamu. The beehives will be fabricated and installed inside the mangrove areas and harvested and sold as unique products involving the blue economy. Board walks will be instrumental in providing environment related information, through eco-tourism activities. Boat riding will foster ecotourism activities, the favorable fee will be charged, and this will act as a source of livelihood to the scouts mostly youths.


a) Employment opportunities will be created for Women and youths living adjacent to the forest

b) Biodiversity restoration will be through planting more mangroves from nursery grounds

Proposed budget

No. Item category Currency in USD

1. Training meetings 5000

2. Trainings on technology transfer and establishment of infrastructure 18,000

3. Boat and accessories 5,000

4. Boardwalk 6,000

5. Monitoring and Reporting 3400

6. TOTAL 37400


Primary Host Partner

District: 9212

Rotary Club of: Mombasa Nyali

Primary Contact: Peter Oduor Odote

Email: podote@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 3203

Rotary Club of: Avanashi

Primary Contact: SARAVANA KUMAR

Email: shanmugasathish@yahoo.com

Project Status

Need $30,400
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Project listed for the 2022-23 Rotary Year.

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System Entry: Pledge of $7,000 by SARAVANA KUMAR of the Rotary Club of Avanashi, District 3203.

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