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Project Description

Region: Africa

Country: D. R. Congo

Location: S. Kivu

Total Budget: $30,000

Areas of Focus: Basic education and literacy, Community economic development

Short overview: Basic literacy will be provided by way of the ALEF method for 225 - 900 women and girls in the South Kivu province, specifically in the Walungu and Kabare territories. Empowered with their literacy, the beneficiaries will also receive training to establish CECIs (Savings and Internal Credit Communities), in collaborating with community members to consolidate existing financial resources toward establishing income generating activities to grow local economies.

The following community needs will be addressed:

1. Need to empower girls and women excluded from formal education in Walungu and Kabare Territories.

2. Need to provide basic education and literacy for the females.

3. Need to provide socio-economic and mental empowerment of girls and women in the Territories of Walungu and Kabare.

4. Need to provide creative leadership in the females so that they can be able to carry forward the project in the future and also be able to defend their rights.

5. Need to fight poverty in Walungu and Kabare territory.

6. Need to propel and defend gender equality.

These needs were identified in recent years in the targeted area through:

1. The high rate of illiteracy for girls in the area;

2. Anecdotal evidence from illiterate women suffering from social stigma of illiteracy;

3. Growing incidences of domestic violence toward illiterate women from their husbands;

4. Extreme poverty in the majority of the households in the villages of the area.

Four local Community-based Organizations (CBOs)have been the primary sources of needs identification and project consultation:

1.Solidarity Without Borders Initiative, (Initiative de Solidarité sans Frontière, ISF)

2.Association of Mothers Heading Households, (Association des Mamans Chefs de Manages, AMACM)

3.Female Support Centre Project, (Projet de centre d'Encadrement Féminin, PROCEF)

4.Grassroots Feminine Action for Development (Action Féminine de Base pour le Développement, AFB.

30 facilitators/coaches from the CBOs have been recruited in order to participate in the implementation targeting to find solutions to the needs of the beneficiaries.

The timeline is as follows:

1. Project administration organization, 2 weeks

2. reconnaissance, exploration of implementation issues,1 month

3. Training of 30 facilitators/coaches, 2 weeks

4. Implementation (4 partners CBO-led for 30 groups),8 months

5. Evaluation, monitoring and report, 1 month

6. Outreach, knowledge dissemination and 'extended project' preparation 1 month

The budget and allocation of funds is as follows (USD):

1. Training, $1,280

2. Equipment, $10,125

3. Operations, $13,200

4. Monitoring and Evaluation, $1,920

5. Personnel, $2,400

6. Project Management and Administration, $1,200

TOTAL = 30,125

Development Assistance International Inc. Canada (DAI-CAN) will collect information in coordination with the Development Assistance International Congo office (DAI-DRC). DAI, as a not-for-profit organization has an able team of volunteers on the ground from its local office, and skilled and entrusted partners who work in this sector in DRC and who can be mobilized for this project.

DAI Canada Office (HQ):

1. The Office advocates the interests of the beneficiaries to partners (known here as Rotary Club) and acts as a bridge between DAI-DRC office and Rotary International;

2. The office is the primary contact for this project;

3. The office is expected to assess, evaluate and monitor the activities on the ground and report to Rotary Club International;

4. The office is to check and approve the disbursements of funds for activities;

5. The office signs agreements/contracts with International partners, such as Rotary Club International for instance.

DAI - DRC Office:

1. It plans the activities of the project and assesses them together with other stakeholders;

2. It is the structure for the project implementation;

3. It coordinates the activities of the project on the ground;

4. It recruits the 4 community-based organizations (hereafter "CBOs");

5. It ensures the financial and/or daily management of the project is perfectly handled;

6. It recruits project management staff, according to the skills required;

7. It compiles field reports and sends them quarterly to DAI Canada for submission to all participating Rotary interests;

8. It's answerable to the funding bodies on activities and financial management;

9. It organizes training for volunteer facilitators;

10. It designs the products, materials and tools for training and literacy;

11. It monitors implementation in literacy empowerment groups;

12. It designs and delivers participation certificates at the end of each literacy level.

Rotary Bukavu Umoja, as host, is committed to:

1. Ensure close monitoring is done during the implementation of the activities through supervision and advice;

2. Release the necessary funds according to the schedule and periodicity provided for in the contract between the 2 contractors;

3. Receive, analyze and support DAI-DRC in the drafting and presentation of narrative and financial reports of the project.

4. Serve as liaison and facilitation between DAI-DRC and Rotary International for any questions relating to this project;

5. Participate in all the major stages of the project and give advice on improvement to DAI-DRC if necessary, namely, start-up, monitoring, evaluation.

Rotary Winnipeg, as international primary contact, will assist in pursuing the Global Grant application and implementation in collaboration with the local partners. Upon approval of the Grant, they will send funds which are raised, and work with the Rotary Club of Bukavu Umoja, DAI, and other in-country partners to design and implement the program.

Primary Host Partner

District: 9150

Rotary Club of: Bukavu Umoja

Primary Contact: Jonathan Kakule

Email: jokabu20@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5550

Rotary Club of: Winnipeg

Primary Contact: Eva Vida

Email: eva.vida@icloud.com

Project Status

Need $7,600
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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