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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: São João do Ivai -PR

Total Budget: $30,021

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

Despite legislative advances in the rights of people with disabilities, there is still a need to guarantee access to physical rehabilitation services and assistive technology resources. There is an immense difficulty in integrating theory and practice in relation to the care of children with disabilities, including those with a diagnosis of Limbs Agenesis, which is still unknown in society in general. Thus, currently, the right to treatment and rehabilitation of children with disabilities is not guaranteed in its entirety, since the lack of vacancies or negligence in the provision of specialized services in public health violates the right of people with disabilities to enjoy care. Thus, it is necessary to observe specific guarantees that provide children and adolescents with disabilities with the same opportunities and effectively promote equality, not only in the normative sphere, but mainly in social life, as proposed by the Reference Center Project for Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology.

The project consists of building an integrated rehabilitation space in the city of São João do Ivaí-PR, where the headquarters of Associação Dar a Mão is located, a partner entity of the Rotary Club of São João do Ivaí, designed to meet local demand. and regional in terms of rehabilitation and access to assistive technology resources for children, adolescents and people with disabilities.

The Project Schedule provides for the following activities:- Production of prosthetic devices made in 3D printer; each 3D device is parameterized and adapted according to the user's measurements and needs.- Structuring the Assistive Technology laboratory to develop prostheses, orthotics and materials for mobility aids.- Making the right to specialized care viable, promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities or reduced mobility in rehabilitation activities.- Opportunities for people with reduced mobility or with disabilities the possibility of accessing assistive technology.

The project is in line with the work already developed by Associação Dar a Mão, which works directly in the field of assistive technology and social technology, in the care of people with Agenesis of Members, Amputation or other disabilities. Associação Dar a Mão is a non-profit partner of the Rotary Club of São João do Ivaí, in this way the members of the club will be involved in monitoring the project's activities and assistance, along with active volunteers.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4630

Rotary Club of: São João do Ivaí

Primary Contact: RC São João do Ivaí

Email: ncpg@msn.com

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

Need $30,020
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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Campo Mourão-Raio de Luz (4630)





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System Entry: Pledge of $1 by Tatiany Fontoura of the Rotary Club of Campo Mourão-Raio de Luz, District 4630.

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