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Project Description

Region: South-East Asia

Country: Nepal

Location: Rolpa

Total Budget: $31,420

Areas of Focus: Basic education and literacy, Community economic development


Pariwartan Solar Project aims to supply solar electricity to Nepal Rastriya School located at a remote location on Pariwartan Gaunpalika, Rolpa.Nepal Rastriya School is a Technical school located in Rangkot, Pariwartan 5, Rolpa which provides education to almost 850 Nepali students in the field of agriculture, forestry and veterinary science. The school is also proposed as a model school by the government of Nepal. Despite being a major hotspot of Nepali Maoist Civil war in 2000s, the people in the place are now all determined to have a better future and are supporting the initiative of a technical school in the area for better future economically and upgradation of lifestyle heavily affected by violent maoist war. Currently, the school is supplied by a local micro grid produced electricity supply (Saharin Sagura Khola Laghu Jalabidhhut Aayojana, Rangot, Pariwartan 5, Rolpa) but is facing scheduled power cuts for 3 hours during peak time. This directly affects multimedia classes, computer training, operation of lab equipment and thus compromising the effectiveness of the technical education provided. The school has 30 computers used for multimedia classes. The school also has lab equipment such as incubators. The School currently is in the following situation:

Location: Pariwartan Gaunpalika, Ward number 5, Rolpa

Number of beneficiaries: 850 students

Ownership: Government owned school

Existing Supply: Local micro hydro

Grid type: Isolated

Capacity of micro hydro: 60kW

Power cuts: Yes

Problem Statement

1.Regular power cuts during class hours hampering the effective teaching (mainly multimedia classes).

2. Low reliability of the existing electrification system due to improper management of the micro hydro.

3. Ineffectiveness in technical education due to difficulty in operation of lab equipment and computers.


The Project proposes on expanding the capacity of currently available Electricity supply by adding the Solar power plant of 3.75kWp capacity in the school with following objectives:

Preliminary Survey,Planning and Design of 3.75kWp Solar power plant in the school.

1.Implementation of Design by transportation, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of Solar power plant components.

2.Training the local people and authority for its optimal use and Handing over to the school.

3.Checking the effectiveness of the project

4.Summing up, the overall objective is to enhance the effectiveness of technical education in the area by upgrading the infrastructure and thus improving the quality of education and making people more capable for income generation.

In addition to that, a workshop on safety on usage of electricity and awareness on safe operation of electrical devices will also be conducted. Different first aid measures for electricity induced accidents and shocks will also be featured in the workshop.

The Project will strengthen the capacity of the school for better technical education which will ultimately enhance the quality of education in the area, increasing income generating opportunities and ultimately maintaining peace in the region.


Sufficient Electricity supply for effective technical education

Enhancement in the quality of education, enhancing income generating opportunities for people of this region.

Educational and economic empowerment in war affected areas of Nepal.

Eventually uplifting the living standard of the people.


The project will be sustainable and have a long term impact because of the following reasons:

Emphasis on practical education will be enhanced

Students will learn new technologies more effectively

The officials will be trained for the proper use of technology and only be handed over.

Timeline of The Project

Preliminary survey: 1 week

Planning and design: 2 weeks

Preparation: 1 week

Project Implementation: 4 weeks

Equipment delivery and travel: 5 days

Team mobilization: 1 day

Site clearance: 2 days

System installation : 8 days

Testing and commissioning: 3 days

Handover: 1 day

Travel: 3 days

Reserve days: 3 days

5. Workshop: 1 week

6. Commissioning report: 1 week

Total: 10 weeks

The entire fund estimated for the Project Beneficiaries will involve members from Rotary and Rotaract in fundraising events for the project and the executive learning with volunteering. The Global Grant partner can visit Nepal and the project area to hand over to the School. Rotarians will be mobilized for extra supervision of the project. Interested Rotaractors will equally provide the opportunity to get involved in the project.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3292

Rotary Club of: Central Rupandehi

Primary Contact: Laxman Kharel

Email: laxmankharel95@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 3132

Rotary Club of: Ahmednagar Priyadarshini

Primary Contact: Bindu Shirish Shirsath

Email: binducares@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $25,420
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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System Entry: Pledge of $6,000 by Bindu Shirish Shirsath of the Rotary Club of Ahmednagar Priyadarshini, District 3132.

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