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Region: Eastern Europe

Country: Ukraine

Location: Kharkiv

Total Budget: $82,347

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

The community assessment in February-March 2021, identified a lack of pediatric wheelchairs adapted for the life conditions in the country of Ukraine and also a second need which appeared to be a priority: a lack of training for the medical professionals who prescribe wheelchairs for the people in need. Before we can provide a new type of pediatric wheelchair in Ukraine, we need to train the health care professionals to sitting positions for people with disabilities and correct use of a wheelchair.

Today in most parts of the country, the families affected by disability use a stroller (type baby-stroller) instead of a pediatric wheelchair for their children with disability, which is very damaging for the body of those children.

The grant will provide founding for 2 levels of certified trainings: the first level is the basic online training, called "Wheelchair Service Training" (created by WHO/USAID) and will be accessible to the medical professions. It will be followed by a 3-day Basic Hybrid Training, in person. The second level is the intermediate training, in person only, for 80 hours (on 13 days).

30 basic adult wheelchairs (donated by NGO in Ukraine) will be used for the level one training. 14 pediatric wheelchairs (new prototype: The Cub) will be introduce to the Ukrainian market and provided for demonstrations and will be tested by the families at the Intermediate second level training. 6 other pediatric wheelchairs (different types) from Ukraine, will be also provided to this qualifying training. Certification will be delivered at the end of the trainings to the selected professionals who will become trainers themselves and prescribers of pediatric wheelchairs.

Those professional trainings will strengthen the health care system of the country for 54 doctors, nurses and occupational therapists and more than 40 families will benefit of the donation of a wheelchair. The project will be sustainable as after those first trainings developed for the first time by Ukrainian trainers, the trainings will continue for the health care professions in different sites, in Ukraine.

The goal of the project is to educate the medical professions in order to reduce the causes and effects of a bad stroller used instead of a pediatric performant wheelchair for children with disabilities in Ukraine.

A team of Rotarians from several clubs and different USA districts will travel to Ukraine in April 2022 to visit the project and the Ukrainian Clubs involved. They will also visit the existing GHT repair center for wheelchairs in Bila Tserkva and the Inter Country Committee international conference in Kiev.

Rotary E-Club of One World is the International Committee leading this global grant with the Rotary Host Club of Kharkiv Multinational in Ukraine. This grant will build strong relationships between District 5240 in the USA and the Ukrainian District.

It took several months to put in place all the company partners and the teams who are going to lead the trainings. The 2 levels trainings needed to be developed by the Ukrainian already certified trainers, and by the 2 international training providers (Momentum-Wheels for Humanity and Participant-Assistive Products) with the collaboration of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Prosthetics and Rehabilitation, under the close supervision of ISWP (who will provide the WHO-USAID certifications).

Timeline of the project: as soon as the grant gets approved and founded, the translation in Ukrainian language of the 2 levels training will start (September-October 2021). Until the end of 2021 (December) the translations will be verified by the international organization (Momentum). The Rotary club of Kharkiv Multinational with the Ukrainian trainers will start the registrations for the first training. Participant Assistive Products, who created the Cub pediatric wheelchair prototype, will order the assembly of the 14 Cubs (shipped from China by container to Ukraine). All necessary wheelchairs will be transported to the training center in Kharkiv. The online training will start on January 2022. The hybrid in person 3 days training will be in April 2022. ISWP will test the students and the first certifications will be delivered at the end of the first level training. The Rotarian team from the USA will visit the Rotary Clubs involved in the grant, in Ukraine. In May-June 2022 the candidates for the second level intermediate training will be selected (12 of them). July-August 2022 Participant will send his trainer to lead the second level intermediate training. September 2022, last certifications and final report to Rotary International and to USAID. The mentoring program, done by the Ukrainian therapists, and the Cub marketing will continue.

Primary Host Partner

District: 5240

Rotary Club of: E-Club of One World D5240

Primary Contact: Claudine Schooley

Email: cdschooley@outlook.com

Primary International Partner

District: 2232

Rotary Club of: Kharkiv Multinational

Primary Contact: Volodymyr Korostiy

Email: vikorostiy@gmail.com

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Need $72,387
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #2126438.

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