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Project Description

Region: Africa

Country: Ghana

Location: Kasoa

Total Budget: $51,422

Area of Focus: Water, sanitation and hygiene

Rotary club of Castle Pines, Colorado, USA and Rotary Club of Accra North, Ghana will cooperate to assist St Brother Andre Catholic School get reliable access to clean water. We will drill 4 additional boreholes and add a reverse osmosis machine to help the school provide long-term solution to its water needs. The estimated cost of the project is $51,422 US.

St Brother Andre Senior Highschool is near Kasoa, It is a private boarding school founded in 2017 and is located at Budumburam Opeikuma, Central Region. The school is located about 30 min away from Kasoa and about 2 hrs away by bus from the capital city Accra.

The school has 500 students, faculty and staff residing at the campus but only has two working wells which provide water for all campus facilities. While there are a total of four wells two of them function only intermittently during the rainy season. One of the working wells is designated for drinking water. The water the school obtains is purified by a 1m3 Reverse Osmosis Machine but the school has to buy water on regular basis to meet the needs of all students. The water supplied by the existing boreholes is not adequate to meet the needs of the school both as total volume and quality. Chloride, total dissolved solids, total hardness values exceed WHO standards for drinking and potable use, and the quality of the water would be likely be similar from the new proposed boreholes. Currently the water capacity is constrained both by the insufficient output of the existing boreholes, and the insufficient capacity of the existing RO machine (1 m3 per hour).

As a result of the insufficient water the school is facing the following issues:

 Constant skin rashes experienced by residents who have to use water with high salt content

 Issues with malaria

 Issues with erosion of equipment

 Students unable to maintain proper hygiene.

To alleviate the issue we are looking to add four additional deep (over 150 m/ 450+ feet) boreholes and reverse osmosis machine with capacity of 4 m3 per hour and 6 submersible pumps. The additional wells and equipment are expected to provide sufficient water to sustain over 1000 students, which would cover the growth plans of the school from 2022 to 2027 and provide additional water capacity for the nearby residential communities, to which the school plans to sell water. Our expectation is that a RO machine with capacity of 4-m3 per hour, operated for 20 hrs per day (on average) would yield 80,000 liters (per 24 hour period (allowing 4 hours on average for maintenance). Assuming a consumption of 90 liters per day, per person the projected boreholes and RO equipment addition will satisfy the needs of 888 residents of the school. Adding the capacity of existing 1-m3 per hour RO machine total capacity would increase to ~5000 liters per hour, or 100,000 liters per day (22,222 RGAL per day), sufficient for 1,111 individual on campus.

Primary Host Partner

District: 5450

Rotary Club of: Castle Pines

Primary Contact: Ivan Kalotov

Email: imkalotov@yahoo.com

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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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