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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: Bangladesh

Location: Kushtia

Total Budget: $74,500

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

COVID-19 is a challenge to provide treatment at 250 Bed general Hospital, Kushtia, Bangladesh. As the disease progresses the lungs are affected and the oxygen transport mechanism is affected leading to a drop of partial pressure of oxygen in the body. It is presumed that the eventual cause of fatality is hypoxic brain injury. Hence, oxygen support is key in the management of the patient.

Our aim is to provide treatment for the COVID 19 patients in Kushtia. Day by day COVID 19 patients are increasing in Kushtia, Bangladesh.

In Kushtia, as of 19th April 2021, there have been a total of 4483 confirmed cases with 4104 recovery cases and 102 death reports. In addition, more than 800 Covid-19 test reports are still pending and more than 1000 people are quarantined.

The transmission rate of COVID 19 is significantly high and getting worse during ongoing 2nd wave of the pandemic and more and more patients are moving to Dhaka and our selected hospital for better treatment.

Kushtia district is a developing area. Many people are farmers and workers. They haven't capability to get better treatment by going outside of Kushtia.

In this situation, the entire district is facing the challenges of the COVID -19 crisis. Local Community Leaders, members of Rotary Club of Kushtia now working together to meet this community's needs.

The proposed Global grant will provide financial support to procure medical equipment needed for the treatment of COVID 19 patients. It also supports COVID 19 patients to be strong mentally. Decrease treatment expenditure by traveling to capital city Dhaka.

Our needs for this Project: 5 sets High Flow Nasal cannula with accessories, 2 ICU Beds and 5 sets Pulse Oximeter.

How the project will meet those needs: At this present situation we want to donate those medical equipment to 250 bed general hospital, kushtia, Bangladesh to save peoples live. By this way this project will increase treatment facility at locally and patients no need to go outside to get better treatment for covid-19.

Timeline of Our Project: 1 Month

Budget Details:

Medical Equipment Purchase: $73052.94

Administration Cost: $1447.06

Total: $74,500.00

Project funds Details:

TRF Contribution From Member: $30,000.00

District Fund: $10,000.00

World Fund: $10,000.00

Total: $50,000.00

We need $24,500.00 more to implement this project.

Overall the project will give good visibility and positive image of Rotary brand to a wider community as this will ensure to serve more financially challenged critical COVID-19 patients and decrease the number of deaths.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3281

Rotary Club of: Kushtia

Primary Contact: K A M Ruaim Rabbie

Email: ruaimrabbi@freedomsoftbd.com

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

Need $74,500
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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