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Project Description

Region: Africa

Country: Nigeria

Location: Lagos

Total Budget: $80,103

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

Safe Sight Project...an eye test and eye glasses provision project.


The Rotary Club of Iponri Charter no.024890 is a thriving 33 year old Rotary Club in District 9110, Nigeria. It was one of the Clubs that participated in the District 9110 promoted Global Grant 1862339 which involved the collaboration of Districts 4420 Brazil, 2430 Turkey, 6910 U.S.A. and 9110 Nigeria.

Based on a needs assessment undertaken by the Club due to the consistent poor performances of Students of Secondary schools in Lagos the commercial nerve centre and most populated State in Nigeria, the Club embarked on a pilot scheme project which it has carried out annually for 5 years to date, in response to the assessment conducted on the poor performances of students of different Secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria in the annual School certificate examinations.

The pilot project entailed testing the eyes of students in different grade levels and the subsequent provision of eye glasses to those with sight defects, in 6 different Secondary Schools to date.

The result across the different schools, is a staggering 25 - 30% eye defect in students across board in the various pilot project schools undertaken. Thus the Club came to the logical conclusion that an average of 1 in 4 to 1 in 3 of students in Secondary schools within Lagos State have one form of eye defect or the other, which invariably affects their performances in their education and intellectual development. These defects simply require the use of cheap eye glasses as corrections for the young students' education to be put back on track. It is heart rendering that there are over 600 such schools within Lagos State.

The Rotary Club of Iponri is now desirous of taking this project up perhaps as the biggest "collaborative" Global Grant project involving 10 Districts and230 Clubs possibly annually for 5 years running. This desired biggest collaborative Global Grant is to involve the participation of our Club, The Rotary Club of Iponri as the host Club, along with 9 other Clubs in our District 9110, our District 9110, 9 other International Districts and 20 other International Clubs worldwide.

Project Title : Safe sight

Eye test for 11,000 students an average of 1000 students in each of 11 schools, with a projection of 30% (3300) defects from pilot projects, who will be provided with eye glasses.

Project cost:

11,000 eye test @ N500 N 5,500,000

3300 pairs of glasses @ N7500 N 24,750,000

Misc / other coordinating expenses N 750,000

Total N 31,000,000 ($80,103.40)

Funding projection:

$2500 in DDF x 10 Districts = $ 25,000

TRF / DDF match $ 25,000

$1250 cash from host Club $ 1,250

$1000 cash contribution x 29 partner Clubs = $ 29,000

Total $ 80,250


Our Club with the backing of our District 9110 and 9 other local Clubs, desires to have 9 International partner Districts, each required to contribute $2500 in DDF and 20 other International partner Clubs worldwide each also required to contribute $1,000 to this proposed largest "collaborative" Global Grant project of 10 Districts and 30 Clubs. It is also the desire of The Rotary Club of Iponri to have this project as conceived, repeated annually for 5. Hence "long distance runner" Districts and Clubs will be highly welcome. Yes together we can, so let's make history together and show the world what Rotary's worldwide collaboration is all about.

At the very least, 100 Rotarians of the 10 local Clubs will be involved (hands on) during the eye test and documentation, sorting and organising the produced eye glasses.

Project contacts:

1. PAG 'Bayo Adewakun

adewakuns@gmail.com or adewakuns@yahoo.com

Tel. +234(0)8055501497

2. AG Segun Adewakun


Tel. +234(0)8023344672

Primary Host Partner

District: 9110

Rotary Club of: Iponri

Primary Contact: PAG 'Bayo Adewakun

Email: adewakuns@yahoo.com

Primary International Partner

District: 3232

Rotary Club of: Madras Coromandel

Primary Contact: Ravi Raman

Email: rrindus@yahoo.com

Project Status

Need $56,353
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Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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Iponri (9110)





Madras Coromandel (3232)





Saket-Meerut (3100)





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History Log Entries


System Entry

System Entry: Creation of project page.


System Entry

System Entry: Pledge of $1,000 by Ravi Raman of the Rotary Club of Madras Coromandel, District 3232.


by PAG 'Bayo Adewakun

System Entry: Pledge of $10,250 with $6,000 DDF by PAG 'Bayo Adewakun of the Rotary Club of Iponri, District 9110.


System Entry

System Entry: Pledge of $1,000 by Naveen Gupta of the Rotary Club of Saket-Meerut, District 3100.

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