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Region: Africa

Country: Nigeria

Location: Effurun

Total Budget: $288,025

Area of Focus: Community economic development

The current social and economic situation in Nigeria, Delta State and in particular Effurun and its environs where Rotary Club of Effurun is situated has grossly been affected negatively by the level of unemployment and gross hardship by indigent community members as a result of the absence of small and medium scale businesses.

Rotary club of Effurun built a Vocational Training Center since 2012 where over 500 indigent community members have been trained in different skills acquisitions .

The main objective of this project is to upgrade the vocational training center equipment to meet minimum standard with the increasing number of students seeking for admission and provide Start Up Packs for successful trainees to commence small business after the completion of their training because Rotary Club of Effurun came to the realization that majority of successful trainees are still unable to either put the skill acquired into use for meaningful employment nor are able to start up a small business with the training received. These were information received as a result of the constant communication and follow up by the club to measure the success of the graduated trainees and community leaders.

The needs identified to be addressed by this project are 1. Skills Acquisition for indigent community members 2. Building Entrepreneurs by providing Start Up Packs for successful trainees and 3. Reduced Youth Restiveness in the communities.

This project will meet those needs by training and impacting relevant skills required to indigent community members and giving successful trainees Start Up Packs to commence small scale business in the areas of skills acquired which will create job opportunities not only to them but others and they will become employers of labor which will in turn reduce youth restiveness in the communities. The timeline for the Start Up Packs project is 20/21 Rotary Year while the skill acquisition training at the vocational training center is every Rotary Year.

The project fund will be used to purchase upgraded equipment to train indigent community members and provide them Start Up Packs for successful trainees as follows.

1. A generating set of at least 20KVA capacity.

2. Two(2) big gas oven cookers both for baking and cooking, as the only one available is only for domestic cooking not for training.

3.Cooking utensils such as mixer, blender, pots, plates,fork etc.

4. Five additional manual sewing machines and the other small accessories like electric pressing iron etc.

5. Six computers and two printers are needed to improve on the training capacity and efficiency.

6. A projector with a video camera.

7. A modern graphics machine for designing logos and designs on towels, t-shirts, face caps and engraving on cups, plates etc.

8. Three cameras, scanning & laminating machines and photocopier.

9. Furniture, Plastics tables and chairs

10. Make up kit box , hair dressing and stylist accessories & equipment.

In addition to the above , Start Up Packs materials are needed for the graduating trainees to facilitate their take off in their new skills as enumerated below.

1. Computer and Graphic design machines

2. Fashion and design machines

3. Catering services materials

4. Unisex Saloon equipment

5. Photography and Printing machines

6. Facial makeover and women head gears ( gele) tying.

7. Bleach, Soap and Perfume making materials

The club members are 100% involve in the management and administration of the vocational training center. We have the Vocational training Chairman a Rotarian and his team whose responsibilities are to ensure seamless daily administration of the training center and supervises the various instructors . He handles all other activities in the vocational center and reports to the Director Service Projects who is also a Rotarian while the Director Service Project reports always to the the Club President depending on activities going on in the vocational center. The Board members and the House are briefed with updates on the Vocational Center monthly.

Primary Host Partner

District: 9141

Rotary Club of: Effurun

Primary Contact: Fredrick Ejutemieden

Email: ejutemiedenfred@yahoo.co.uk

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Need $288,025
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Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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