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Region: North America

Country: USA

Location: Montebello Ca

Total Budget: $31,567

Area of Focus: Basic education and literacy

10 Montebllo Rotarian participation

June 19, 2020

Re: YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles COVID-19 Support - Virtual Get Summer Teen Initiative Concept to Rotary International


The YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles "LA Y" vision is to strengthen communities through a holistic approach of youth development and empowerment, healthy living, and social responsibility. The Y's virtually-accessible Get Summer 2020 program will be available from June 15-August 28, and will have the same three key program areas: 1) academic enrichment, 2) healthy living, and 3) community engagement and social responsibility. Each virtual program will include motivational achievement goals to be accomplished by September 2020. Each program domain will have a series of culturally competent workshops delivered by staff and partners online via pre-recordings and live videos, with an accessible website for teens to access resources, at-home activities, and completion logs.


A) Cradle to Career Success - College & Career Readiness

1) "adulting" 101

2) career exploration

3) college preparation

4) resume & interview skills

5) financial literacy

B) Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM)

1) robotics

2) coding

3) art, journalism, & media

4) summer math

AREA 2 - HEALTHY LIVING: Budget Requested = $10,000

A) Physical Activity - YMCA-360 Video Challenges

B) Mental Wellness

1) meditation

2) mindfulness

3) mental health

4) emotional well-being


1) civic engagement

2) voting

3) census

4) volunteerism



▪ Academic Enrichment Education

▪ Community Engagement and Social Responsibility Education

▪ Academic Enrichment Independent & Homework Time/Office Hours

▪ Community Engagement and Social Responsibility Independent & Homework Time/Office Hours

▪ Healthy Living Activity & Journal Tacking Time


Every summer, the LA Y provides "Get Summer" for free facility access and program memberships for 5,000+ teens aged 12-17 at all 26 YMCAs in LA County during June-July. Those in high need also receive free meals provided by food partners, and young people seeking experience are connected to the Y through part-time jobs or internships.

COVID-19 restricts and prevents our traditional approaches to youth development. However, the Y will not let this unprecedented challenge affect youth summer learning opportunities and enrichment. To be proactive, innovative and strategic - and to ensure programs are equitable, inclusive, diverse, educational, scalable, and sustainable - this adapted virtual program model could produce economies of scale, requiring less staff members, and less incurred costs to engage over 1,500 teens in 2020.

Y teens, core staff, and volunteers adapted Get Summer to be a key free resource for teens virtually, providing opportunities that support social-emotional, cognitive and physical development. Teens will meet their individual goals and develop needed assets for adulthood through access to leadership development, academic support to bridge the achievement gap, college & career readiness, life skills education, healthy eating & physical activity and mental well-being activities, and fun and trusted mentors. When city and state health leaders permit facilities to safely reopen, teens may access Y facilities and programming at no cost. Through our 26 Ys across LA County, teens from all neighborhoods, all socio-economic levels, and all diverse abilities are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of the Y's virtual Get Summer.


COVID-19 has highlighted and exacerbated existing youth development and educational inequalities and inequities. Given the extended operational pausing of the Y, there is an increased need for responsive, flexible, and accessible summertime learning to mitigate potential learning loss and to address the social-emotional needs of youth, especially for our most vulnerable student groups. Further, research shows that our youth have diverse and complex needs that require adaptive, flexible solutions. Through the Y's Cradle to Career Success Initiative, evaluations show that teens need a varied Get Summer curriculum that holistically encompasses supports in academics, body and mind, and family and community engagement. Other indirect and identified needs include:

• Equitable Access: flexible and accessible, yet structured daily schedule

• Health & Safety: virtual activities & physical and mental well-being options

• Cultural Competence: youth and cross-culture developed curriculum; culturally-competent staff hired leading program

• Varied Activities: high-quality and desired out-of-school programs, especially for diverse and minority youth populations, address the complex and unique needs of youth, and require flexible, yet structured and tailored program design.

• Food Insecurity: For our youth to be optimally healthy to attend all of the planned summer activities, they need to have the food necessary for their


development, meaning that teens should not worry about where their next meal comes from. The LA Y will continue providing free meals for those teens and their families in need.


All of the LA Y's programs follow a holistic community-centered model. While the direct population served are teens, their families are also engaged, and through service learning, teens and their families engage with community. For the high-priority Ys located in urban and under-resourced areas, the community served is predominantly 60% Hispanic/Latin/x, 20% African American/Black, and 20% Multi-racial or Other ethnic-racial groups. The YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles is dedicated to serving some of the most vulnerable people in the area and will offer targeted outreach for teens in neighborhoods spanning as far north as Antelope Valley, as far south as San Pedro, and all the communities within from the San Fernando Valley to Montebello.

Nearly 100% of the families and under-served young people engaged by these Y's are low-middle income, with many extremely low-income and face extreme barriers to equity. In these communities, tens of thousands of people lack access to comprehensive programs that integrate support for young people and their families to thrive in the U.S. The LA Y estimates that approximately 10% of program participants will have digital access issues, requiring technology equipment access, and approximately 10% of program participants will have diverse abilities requiring more support from the teen mentors.


1500 ages 12-17 years, with accommodations available for disconnected youth, English learners and students with diverse abilities, with a multi-generational approach with caregivers through the Y's family engagement program


Partners who are connected to our core areas of focus, youth development and empowerment, social responsibility and civic engagement, and healthy living (physical and mental), can help the Y to provide expanded and enhanced opportunities for our teens. A true community partnership, the Y is working closely with LA City, LA County, and Cal State LA to ensure LA teens have the opportunity to be healthy, active and engaged this summer, even if through virtual means. Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), and local elected officials support the Y's Get Summer initiative. Additionally, LAUSD campuses and LAUSD's We Are One Campaign have partnered with the Y not only to promote programs, but to share program spaces. The LA Y also has a formal relationship with Cal State University LA to promote college readiness and career success of the youth we serve. Cal State LA will be partnering with Y youth through the targeted summer STEAM pathway series. As we know, summer learning loss, especially math is critical to academic achievement. Finally, the LA Y will continue to partner with food and basic needs distributors to ensure that all of our youth and family who need food will receive it.

"Not everyone can afford to send kids to camp, but summer vacation is really, really important. It's what actually makes or break the education" -Mayor Garcetti




Total Budget

Requested Budget

Staffing (4 Teen Directors x $25/hour x 40 hours/week x 12 weeks) = $48,000

$ 48,000.00

$ 15,671.76

Taxes & Benefits = $14,400

$ 14,400.00

$ 4,701.53

Equipment loaned to teens lacking access (we anticipate 10% of teens will have barriers to digital access)

$ -

> Google Chromebook + accessories set = $300 x 50 teens = $15,000

$ 15,000.00

$ 4,897.43

> Portable WiFi/Internet Hotspot = $50 x 50 teens = $2,500

$ 2,500.00

$ 816.24


$ 79,900.00

$ 26,086.96

Overhead (15%)

$ 11,985.00

$ 3,913.04

Grand Total

$ 91,885.00

$ 30,000.00

Primary Host Partner

District: 5300

Rotary Club of: Montebello

Primary Contact: Manuel L Franco

Email: manuel.franco@me.com

Primary International Partner

District: 4921

Rotary Club of: Bahía Blanca Norte

Primary Contact: Javier Holowiniec

Email: jholowiniec@outlook.com

Project Status

Need $10,367
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