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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: Franca

Total Budget: $30,000

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

Project name:

Implementation of electronic prescription and modernization / innovation of the technological structure in the "care of cancer patients" at Hospital Santa Casa de Franca.


To offer "cancer patients" at Hospital Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Franca quality and safety in dispensing medication and effective care. In addition to establishing the necessary conditions for eliminating flaws in the stages of chemotherapy administration of the professionals involved in the handling and administration of medication and facilitating access to information.

Brief Description of the Project:

This project will make it possible to implement electronic prescriptions and modernize the technological structure aimed at prescribing and administering antineoplastic chemotherapy to patients at the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Franca Foundation (Hospital do Câncer). This type of therapy is one of the most used in the treatment of cancer and its side effects are serious.

Any errors in one or more stages of the medication administration process (prescription, preparation, dispensation and administration) can have harmful consequences for the patient. In addition to the fact that the protocols for antineoplastic agents are complex, increasing the chances of errors of the professionals involved in this process.

The prescription of chemotherapeutic drugs performed electronically facilitates access to information, allows greater transparency, optimizes manual processes, precision in checking information, as well as the administration of chemotherapeutic drugs.

In order to ensure agility and quality of medication dispensing, providing safety, as well as accuracy and quality of life for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Regarding the safety of cancer patients, computerization of cancer patients is an important tool for preventing errors related to reading errors and interpretation of ill-formulated and illegible prescriptions.

The risks can be reduced with the success of this computerization, thus improving the quality of care. Electronic prescription and bar codes provide the necessary basis to avoid mistakes by ensuring correct information about the patient.

In this way, our children undergoing "cancer treatment" will directly benefit from the project.

The incorporation of electronic prescription technology allows establishing the conditions for "the elimination of failures" between the stages that are part of the chemotherapy administration process. Its implantation performed electronically allows to facilitate the access to the information, the productivity gain, the optimization of manual processes, greater transparency and precision in checking the information.

The gain provided by the incorporation of electronic prescription aims at patient safety and the guarantee of good practices in the process of prescription and administration of antineoplastic chemotherapy.

Specific objectives:

Provide safety in patient care:

Patient identification;

Identification of the prescribed medication;

Access and control of chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions;

Dimensioning of radiotherapy treatment fields;

Control of manipulation of medicines chemotherapy chapel.

Number of Beneficiaries:

The entire population of the City of Franca-SP and the region comprised 22 municipalities, estimated at 740 thousand inhabitants.

Oncology care: 35.343 care

Patients seen: 2.945 patients

Project Cost: US$ 30,000.00

***Thanks to everyone who read and became interested in our project.***

We will be happy and grateful if you accept to be our partners for a "better world"!


Primary Host Partner

District: 4540

Rotary Club of: Franca-Sul

Primary Contact: Daniel Augusto Ferreira

Email: financeiro@curtvalle.com.br

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Need $30,000
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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History Log Entries


by Valter Merlos


Projeto G-2386 - Registrado no Matching Grants, para conseguir parceiros interessados em contribuir com o projeto da Santa Casa de Franca, SP.

Responsável pelo projeto: Daniel Augusto Ferreira - Presidente do RC Franca-SUL

Contato: Antonio Carlos Martins Ribeiro - RC Franca-Sul / Brasil - D.4540

Inserido por Vania Rocha / Oswaldo P. Carvalho / Valter Merlos - D.4540


by Valter Merlos

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