A Smile Moves Mountains





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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Peru

Location: San Miguel

Total Budget: $61,357

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

1. Project title

The history of a smile

2. Area of Interest

Prevention and treatment of diseases

3. Overall objective

To improve the oral health, physical well-being and quality of life of senior citizens by equipping the Dental School of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos with the latest technology to provide the best possible services for the elderly.


4. Specific objectives

4.1. To provide quality services and promote healthy habits in senior citizens regarding their oral health.

4.2. To equip the dental service with modern and quality instruments for adequate oral health care for the elderly.

4.3. Making efficient use of infrastructure and human resources at the Dental Clinic of the Faculty of Dentistry.

4.4. Facilitating the use of modern and quality instruments for student practice at the clinic of the Faculty of Dentistry.

5. Brief project description

The project has been formulated by a Local Committee chaired by the Director of Center for Social Responsibility of the School of Dentistry of the National University of San Marcos, integrated by three teachers of the faculty. Rotary Club San Miguel has been in charge of coordinating activities.

The project has been formulated within a framework of institutional agreement signed by the Rotary Club San Miguel and the University School of Dentistry San Marcos Major National Park.

The Local Project Committee developed and applied a survey to a sample of 100 students from the Graduate Center of the Faculty of Dentistry, who recommended the need to equip the dental service for senior citizens that are currently unattended despite the fact that the Faculty Dental Clinic of Dentistry has specialized professional personnel and unused facilities at their disposal.

In the open-ended questions of the survey, students stated that oral health is a fundamental component of general health and well-being, including mental health. Issues related to oral health tend to manifest themselves with more intensity in vulnerable groups like senior citizens, especially through the loss of teeth and periodontal diseases, which have a direct impact on their physical and psychological health.

Other opinions in the survey point out that according to the data of the Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática (INEI), there's been a substantial shift in the population pyramid during the 2007/2017 period, featuring lower birth rates and an increase in senior citizens. According to this source, population over 65 years of age increased by 696, 084 between 2007 and 2017 to a total of 2, 459, 771.

These experiences at the Graduate Center of the Faculty of Dentistry of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos make a compelling case for improving the equipment of the dental service to be able to care for senior citizens.

The average number of seniors who will directly benefit from this service will be 200 per month, coming from different sectors and districts of Metropolitan Lima and the Constitutional Province of Callao. The indirect beneficiaries will be the students of the Faculty of Dentistry, who will be able to carry out their qualified training as part of the project.

A team of dentistry professionals and auxiliary personnel will be assigned to the project by the Faculty. Responsible for implementing the project will be Dr. Walter Gallo Zapata, Director of the Center for Social Responsibility of the Faculty of Dentistry of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and Dr. Yesenia Cueva, an official of the Postgraduate Center, who will also formulate the policies, plans and strategies for the sustainability of the project

The Senior Dental Service will be located at the facilities of the Faculty of Dentistry of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos University campus (Avenue Venezuela, number 34. Lima Center).

6. Project budget

$ 50,000

7. Financing proposal

RC San Miguel: $ 500

District 4455

Rotary Club International

Other organizations

8. Responsible for the presentation of the project


Dr. Walter Gallo Zapata

Mobile 999 605 403

Email: waltergallo1107@hotmail.com


Yesenia Cueva

Mobile 964 258 635

Email: yesenia.cueva.q@gmail.com

Walter Rabanal Salas

RC San Miguel


Mobile: 997 153 541

Email: walter_rabanal@hotmail.com

Web: www.rotaryclubsm.wordpress.com

Facebook rotary club san miguel distrito 4455

Primary Host Partner

District: 4455

Rotary Club of: San Miguel

Primary Contact: Regina Rabanal

Email: reginarr@hotmail.es

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Need $60,857
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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A smile moves mountains


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