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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Peru

Location: San Miguel

Total Budget: $68,305

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

1. Project title

Healthy newborn and Healthy Mothers

2. Areas of focus

Maternal and Child Health

3. Overall objective

Reduce the mortality and morbidity rates of children under five and their mothers, by equipping the dilation room, delivery room and operating room of the Maternal and Neonatal Area of the San Miguel District Health Center

4. Specific objectives

4.1. Provide the population of pregnant women and newborns with adequate and quality neonatal maternal care with all necessary services.

4.2. Provide services for eutocic delivery care, as well as scheduled caesarean section surgery, contributing to the improvement of indicators of infant maternal morbidity and mortality.

4.3. Efficiently use the necessary infrastructure and human resources

4.4 Comply with the first level of specialized care in pregnant women by eutocic delivery and cesarean section surgery programs.

5. Brief project description

The project has been formulated by a Local Committee chaired by the chief physician of the San Miguel District Health Center and composed of a team of doctors specializing in neonatal maternal care and the coordination of the San Miguel Rotary Club.

This project was formulated within the framework of an institutional agreement signed between Rotary Club San Miguel and the San Miguel Health Center.

The Local Committee of the project applied a survey to a sample made up of 80 pregnant mothers who come to the San Miguel Health Center to carry out their respective controls and exams until the seventh month of pregnancy, after which they are referred to the Santa Rosa and Magdalena Hospitals that have the Maternal and Neonatal Service Area.

The conclusions and recommendations of the pregnant mothers who answered the survey are mainly oriented in the sense that the San Miguel Health Center should have a Maternal and Neonatal Area with a dilation, delivery and operating room technically equipped.

In this way, pregnant mothers would be treated during all the time that their state of gestation lasts until the moment of delivery, and not only until the month seven of gestation and then referred to other health centers with the innumerable problems and difficulties caused by this situation.

The number of pregnant mothers who would benefit from the Maternal Neonatal Area of the San Miguel Health Center, would reach 140 pregnant mothers monthly, of which 80% come from the San Miguel district and the remaining 20% from nearby districts.

The Maternal and Neonatal Area will be located at the San Miguel District Health Center premises, which has enough physical environments built for that purpose. Liberty Ave. - Block 18. San Miguel District. Lime. Peru

The San Miguel Health Center will assign to the project a team of doctors specializing in the care of pregnant mothers, a team of nurses and auxiliary staff and the physical space as a local counterpart to the project.

The person responsible for the implementation of the project will be Dr. Miguel Ángel Vera Flores, president of the Local Committee of the project and Chief Medical Officer of the San Miguel Health Center, supported by Dr. Ana Frida Chinén Yara, doctor in charge of the Management Area of the Projects

The sustainability of the project will be in charge of the Integrated Network Department of Health of Lima Center (Ministry of Health), on whom the San Miguel Health Center depends organically.

6. Project budget

$ 60,000

7. Financing Proposal

RC San Miguel: $ 500.00

San Miguel Health Center: $ 500.00

District 4455:

International Rotary Club:

Other contributing clubs:

8. Responsible for the presentation of the project


Dr. Miguel Ángel Vera Flores. Chief Medical Officer of the San Miguel Health Center

Email: mavera290@gmail.com

Mobile: 999 339 766


Dr. Ana Frida Chinén Yara, Head of the Project Management Area of the San Miguel Health Center

Email: achinen@hotmail.com

Mobile: 999 951 916

Walter Rabanal Salas

RC San Miguel


Email: walter_rabanal@hotmail.com

Mobile: 997 153 541

Web: www.rotaryclubsm.wordpress.com

Facebook: rotary club san miguel distrito 4455

Primary Host Partner

District: 4455

Rotary Club of: San Miguel

Primary Contact: Regina Rabanal

Email: reginarr@hotmail.es

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Project Status

Need $66,805
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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