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Project Description

Region: Eastern Europe

Country: Ukraine

Location: Cherkasy

Total Budget: $30,565

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Maternal and child health, Basic education and literacy

Organization: Municipal Institution "Cherkasy Educational and rehabilitation Center "Kraina Dobra of Cherkasy Region Council"

Address:11/1 Podolynskogo street, Cherkasy, 18030, Ukraine

Code of EDPNOU: 39573942


Zganyaiko Iryna Frantsivna, director, krainadobra.ck@gmail.com,


Bakym IrynaVasylivna, accountant, buh_nrc@i.ua,


Project Title: "Open Your Heart - Help the Children"

The Theme of the Project: Creation of a training-resources base for a complex assistance for people with special educational needs.

Problem description:

In the context of democratization of the society, introduction and dissemination of inclusive education, use of new forms and methods of work in all spheres of life, one of the primary tasks is to create conditions for realization of accessibility, educational work, individual mobility and rehabilitation of persons with developmental disabilities.

At present, there are a small number of organizations and institutions in the country that provide comprehensive correctional assistance to children with disabilities, methodological assistance to teachers working with children of this category and the parent community; specialize in the full and effective involvement and inclusion of people with disabilities in society, can inform and educate the public to interact with persons in this category.

Therefore, the next step in improving the quality of life of children with developmental disabilities is the breaking down of linguistic, psychological and social barriers in interaction with people with special educational needs. Such an opportunity could be the creation of a training and methodological base for comprehensive assistance to children with disabilities.

Purpose of the project: Creation of a training and methodological base for the introduction of the latest techniques for the correction and rehabilitation of children with special needs (hearing loss, speech impairment, autism, Down syndrome, Landau-Kleffner syndrome, cerebral palsy); coaching of a wide range of the public on interaction with people with developmental disabilities; providing additional support for inclusive educational institutions.

Objectives of the project:

1. Providing holistic and effective correctional and rehabilitation services for children with special educational needs.

2. Provision of coordination and counseling services to specialists working with children with special educational needs.

3. Advising various categories of the population on the reasonable accommodation of persons with developmental disabilities.

4. Creating an environment for the physical, intellectual and emotional development of children with special educational needs.

5. Dissemination of experience in integrating persons with special needs into society and their subsequent support.

The project is aimed at population categories:

- Families with disabilities;

- Pedagogical staff providing educational services to children with special educational needs in special schools, inclusive education, individual training, etc .;

- Employees of medical and rehabilitation institutions of the city and the region;

- Other members of the community.

About 3000 people will benefit from the project. Of them:

- 800 children with special needs;

- 1300 parents of the community members;

- 500 teaching staff;

- 400 specialists of rehabilitation centers.

The project will involve:

- Specialists of the Institute of Special Pedagogy of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine;

- Specialists of inclusive-resource centers of the region;

- Employees of medical and rehabilitation institutions;

- Pedagogical and other employees of the municipal institution "Cherkasy Educational and Rehabilitation Center "Kraina Dobra of Cherkasy Regional Council ";

- Teachers of general educational institutions, special institutions, educational and rehabilitation centers of the region and the country.

Description of the project

Municipal Institution "Cherkasy Educational and rehabilitation Center "Kraina Dobra of Cherkasy Region Council" (the Center) is an educational institution for children with special educational needs. Main directions of work: education of pupils, their rehabilitation and socialization. The Center is an inexhaustible source of practical and informative experience in working with children of different categories. From our own experience, we have become convinced that we can be a resource center - a center of information and practical support for people who, in their professional activities or in their personal lives, contact people with special needs.

Today the Center offers corrective-developmental and rehabilitation services and social-psychological support for children, parents and teachers working with "special" children. However, there are still a number of issues that need to be addressed.

At present, the Center does not have any touch rooms or complexes that would allow not only to combine different types of correction, but also to find new approaches in interaction and establishing a trusting relationship with the child, relieving psycho-emotional tension and creating a relaxing atmosphere, as well as sensory and cognitive development of children with special educational needs.

The problem of the Center is also that the provision of medical physical education services in the Center takes place in a adapted room that does not meet the modern requirements and needs updating. Creating a modernized physical therapy room, where modern rehabilitation equipment will be concentrated, will help to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, to feel like full members of society, to increase their functional adaptation.

Specialists of the Land of Good, having appropriate professional education, extensive experience in working with children with special needs and a well-established system of work, provide corrective-development and rehabilitation services and social and psychological support for children, parents and teachers working with "special" children within the Cherkasy region. With the theoretical and practical experience, specialists of the Center can act as coaches, mentors for persons, organizations that cooperate with people with disabilities. Particularly important will be the creation of a center for cooperation, mentoring and support for children, parents and educators involved in an inclusive environment not only in Cherkasy region but throughout central Ukraine. The developed mechanism of cooperation will make it possible to improve the process of inclusion of persons of this category in society, which will make it possible to compare the capabilities of people with special needs with the capabilities of other citizens of Ukraine.

Thus, within the project we plan to:

- To equip an ergo therapeutic dark touch room for the introduction of modern correctional and rehabilitation techniques;

- To modernize the room of medical physical culture for corrective, rehabilitation, sports-improving work;

- Provide mentoring and support for children, parents and educators involved in inclusive environments;

- Conduct training, consulting and coordination of stakeholders in the form of on-site workshops, trainings, seminars, press conferences, workshops and more.

Project activities:

1. Information campaign, media strategy development (maintenance of the institution's website and Facebook page, which will provide information on the progress of the project; cooperation with local media that will cover the project activity) - throughout the project.

2. Mentoring training courses for institution professionals who will pass on experience in working with children with special educational needs (early support and support during school life; organization of accessible environment for children with disabilities; correctional classes; organization of various forms of work for children with special needs; integration into society and further support, etc.) - 2 months.

3. Repair of the room for the dark touch room (replacement of doors, painting walls) - 1 month.

4. Renovation of the room for the room of medical physical education (replacement of doors, painting of walls) - 1 month.

5. Purchase of equipment, furniture and equipment for the arrangement of the dark sensory room and the room of therapeutic physical training - 2 months.

6. Development of a plan of rehabilitation and correction work with the use of a dark sensory room and a room of medical physical training - 2 months.

7. Introduction of the newest techniques in the dark sensory room and the room of medical physical culture.

8. Dissemination of experience in providing complex services to children with special needs (consultations to a wide range of stakeholders in the form of field workshops, trainings, seminars, press conferences, workshops, personal and skype meetings, online consultations, etc.).

The reality of the project

There are no circumstances that could stop or slow down the work. The project documentation is attached to the project and has a positive expert opinion.

Information about the center's activities and potential

Municipal Institution Cherkasy Education and Rehabilitation Center Kraina Dobra of Cherkasy Region Council is the educational institution for the children with special educational needs. The main directions of work are the training, rehabilitation and socialization. The institution was founded in the 1997.

There are 102 pupils from 2 to 20 years study in our center. These are deaf and hearing impaired children, persons with speech disorders and with developmental disabilities (children cerebral paralysis, autism, Williams's syndrome, Down's syndrome).

The center opens during 24-hour in a day. Almost 50 pupils are in the center during five days a week and 10 of them are in the institution of the whole semester. There are comfortable bedrooms, rest rooms and bathrooms. During the 20 years the graduates of the Center became 103 people.

There are 43 teachers in the center. All teachers have higher pedagogical education, 48% of them have received the second higher education - defectology.

The average age of teachers is 35 years; they are young, energetic, initiative and creative people who give their knowledge and skills to children with special educational needs and try to change their life for the better.

The Center's educators are open to cooperation, are regular participants in various professional and creative competitions and events, work in creative groups, publish in specialized journals and constantly improve themselves.

Projects that develop our workers help discover and realize your opportunities, feel confident and gain experience in communication with peer who hear. For example such projects as "Multicolored world", "The school life" (with elements of economy).

The institution has a solid material and technical base, for example classes of physics, chemistry, computer science, biology, labor training, classrooms, that modern equipped in accordance with the requirements of the New Ukrainian school. For the development of hearing and speech of our students, there is a large linguaphone office, auditory workshops. In view of the needs for physical rehabilitation of children the gym full of modern equipment, a cabinet of medical physical education and a psychological office "Room of good mood".

There is a rehabilitation department on the basis of the Center. It carried out a complex of rehabilitation measures for children with special educational needs, who are at risk of getting a disability, or complications of health. The tasks of the rehabilitation department are to reduce or overcome physical and mental disorders, to correct disabilities, to train basic and social skills, to develop abilities, and to create background for their integration. The participants in the rehabilitation process are children who are pupils of the Center (permanent contingent), children who require complex rehabilitation measures (variable contingent).

The pedagogical team of the Center wants to help for the pupils in the realization in the life and improve their health, also to get a certain educational level of general secondary education through a specially organized educational process in conjunction with correctional work and medical rehabilitation.

A dark touch room provides:

1. Early Development - Young children develop by exploring the outside world. The stimulation of all sensory organs in the sensory room is controlled by an adult.

2. Assistance in the correction of behavioral disorders - IC can play a different role depending on the needs of the client. One of its main goals is to replace negative thinking with more positive thinking.

3. Ergotherapy is a therapy aimed at educating the client to perform the necessary and desirable daily activities (from dressing to cooking and hobby) on their own.

4. Educating children with intellectual disabilities - SC facilitates the learning process of children with special needs, it can be used to engage different senses, which improves the perception of information. Inside the room, you can also create the perfect learning environment, eliminating unwanted irritants.

5. Autism Spectrum Correctional Programs - Creates a safe space that can be customized to fit your child's individual needs and abilities. It takes into account individual hyper- or hypo-sensitivity to sensory stimuli. This increases the efficiency of diagnosis and therapeutic work.

Creation of a gymnasium on the basis of the educational and rehabilitation center "Kraina Dobra" with the purpose of improving the state of health and increasing the motor activity of children with disabilities, providing preventive measures and quick restoration of motor skills through the improvement of the rehabilitation system, in particular by the introduction of modern methods.

Exercise classes will provide quality rehabilitation for children:

- with impaired functioning of the musculoskeletal system;

- in a number of mental disorders, which are characterized by the breakdown of acquired functions, abilities and skills;

- in chronic diseases and syndromes.

Creation of a center for cooperation, mentoring and support for children, parents and educators involved in an inclusive environment throughout central Ukraine. The developed mechanism of cooperation will make it possible to improve the process of inclusion of persons with disabilities in society, which will make it possible to equate the opportunities of people with special needs with the capabilities of other citizens of Ukraine.

Budget for the project "Open Your Heart - Help the Children"

№ Name of product Number Price per unit, UAH. Total cost, UAH

1 Sensor swing Attachment system 1 4902 4902

2 Ceiling mount with height adjustment 2 1902 3804

3 Touch swing Nest-drop 1 2430 2430

4 The Owl Egg Touch Bag is small 1 1752 1752

5 The Owl Egg Touch Bag is great 1 2082 2082

6 Soft Snake Toy, 4 m 1 1092 1092

7 Baby cup balancer, transparent 1 6804 6804

8 Massage mat with sea pebble effect 1 1404 1404

9 Soft pillows 15pcs 1 4980 4980

10 Spacious organizer on wheels 1 4914 4914

11 A game for the development of emotional intelligence: a portrait of emotions 1 1494 1494

12 Set of Column with bubbles 1 13740 13740

13 Filling for bubble column Marine fish 1 570 570

14 Fiber optic light rain, 180 fibers 1 22650 22650

15 Dry frame pool 1.5 * 1.5 m angular 1 13104 13104

16 Set of mats for the dry pool 1500х1500mm 1 6402 6402

17 Backlight system for dry pool 1 2430 2430

18 Ball for a dry pool (transparent) D70 of 250 pieces 3 1152 3456

19 Vibration system for dry pool 1 12654 12654

20 Light Bar Infinite Well 1 5994 5994

21 Glowing pillow 3 762 2286

22 Two-color armchair 5 1182 5910

23 Aroma Quadro Aroma Panel 1 20430 20430

24 Mathmos Light Projector 1 5934 5934

25 Projector Disk: Color in stock 2 1530 3060

26 Disk for projector black and white in stock 1 1470 1470

27 Disc for projector with lava fluid in stock 2 1182 2364

28 Starry Sky Interactive Panel 1 5994 5994

29 Illuminated educational game table 1 7164 7164

30 Secure mirror panel to the wall with mounting 1 1932 1932

31 Kinetic sand is natural 5 444 2220

32 Set of touch and light toys 1 3084 3084

33 Fiber optic light curtain 50 fibers 1 12300 12300

34 Cards for visual communication (large set) 1 2052 2052

35 Large didactic Frebel set, 11 sets 1 7854 7854

36 Tactile set of modules on the floor "Track" 1 9702 9702

37 The mat is tactile 1 402 402

27 Delivery, installation 1 18000,00 18000,00

28 Renovation of the premises 1 20347,00 20347,00

Together 249163


According to the official US dollar exchange rate $ 1 = UAH 24.3301

Physiotherapy room

1. Baby sports soft poofu Porohui-Mo 7014 1 7014

2. Chair orthopedic tree "yany" Posture "SO-1 5040 1 5040

3. Chair orthopedic tree "yany" Posture "SO-2 5466 1 5466

4. Outboard simulator for recovery of musculoskeletal system 13284 1 13284

5. Balancing platform 8856 1 8856

6. Rehabilitation foot trainer - pedal 3540 1 3540

7. System of equipment for training in the hall of the Basic gymnasium 25602 1 25602

8. Touch swing T-shaped 9204 1 9204

9. Touch Swing for vestibular development Pads 5982 1 5982

10. The honeycomb skelder 19230 1 19230

11. The system of equipment for training in the gym LFK Sport 28404 1 28404

12. Soft mat for exercise and rest 1000 * 1000 * 50 1830 7 12810

13. Soft mat for exercise and rest 1000 * 1000 * 100 2532 4 10128

14. Baby Balancer Fish 2160 2 4320

15. Tactile trainer Footprints 1 pair 450 2 900

16. Rope with mounting 45mm 924 1 924

17. Stranded ropes 1 pair 714 1 714

18. Tactile wavy track in the range 10500 1 10500

19. Kiltsekid simulator 1920 1 1920

20. Great set for cerebellar stimulation 4992 1 4992

21. Touch slide on the recommendation of Ulla Kissling 19602 1 19602

22. Universal sports game set 25002 1 25002

23. Suspension system with ceiling mounts for sensory hanging simulators 14712 1 14712

24. Bars are rehabilitation 11502 1 11502

25. Tactile ribbed rug 1480 * 360 * 30 mm 3222 1 3222

26. Set of massage balls Wild cucumber, small, 12 pieces per set 780 1 780

27. Vigor xpl 700 treadmill 18225 1 1822

28. Leg and Hand Exercise Machine B-Bike OSD OSD-B-Bike-4KM-500 9980 1 9980

29. The exercise machine rotational combined Norm-Trade TRK-2 12500 1 12500

30. Delivery, installation 17928 1 17928

31. Renovation of the premises 9300 1 9300

Total 321583


According to the official US dollar exchange rate $ 1 = UAH 24.3301

Educational base

1. A4 paper 80 g / m2, white 100 15 1500

2. A4 paper 120 g / m2, white 210 5 1050

3. A4 paper, 80 g / m2 colored 0,50 300 150

4. Flipchart paper 100 6 600

5. SYNERGY 87D interactive whiteboard 37002 1 37002

6. Four-surface magnetic chalk marker board 3480 1 3480

7. Pointer 108 2 216

8 Wall organizer for posters 1914 1 1914

9 Information corner Vema 5634 1 5634

10 Whatman A1 format 564 1 564

11 Text marker 7 50 350

12 Marker for magnetic board 9 20 180

13 Badge 5,50 100 550

14 Flipchart magnetic marker on wheels 3402 1 3402

15 Multimedia projector with short focus lens 23280 1 23280

19 Webinar tool

Clickmeeting (MyWebinarsTM Pro software) 1000 3 3000

20 EPSON L364 multifunctional streaming device 6492 1 6492

21 Magnifying mirror on the stand 582 5 2910

22 Wooden cubes Bricks 150 5 750

23 A5 Talking Album 2532 2 5064

24 Designer Crawler Blocks 384 3 1152

25 Toy for the development of speech breathing Nose flute 144 5 720

26 Color Match Panel 23364 1 23364

27 Modular Multipurpose Table-Screen For Social Communication Games 3204 1 3204

28 Funny Hexagon ottoman set 28800 1 28800

29 Man Silhouette Coloring Page 420 5 2100

30 Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15IKBR (81DE01VWRA) Platinum Gray Notebook PC 16499 1 16499

31 Renovation of the premises 16985 1 16985

Total 190912 грн.


According to the official US dollar exchange rate $ 1 = UAH 24.3301

the total cost 30564.62 $ = 761658 грн

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District: 2232

Rotary Club of: Cherkasy

Primary Contact: Olha Paliychuk

Email: oncology@2upost.com

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District: 6080

Rotary Club of: Springfield Sunrise

Primary Contact: John Hawthorne

Email: johnhawthorne@me.com

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