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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: Sao Paulo

Total Budget: $53,788

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

1. Entity-Diadema State Hospital Address: R. José Bonifácio, 1641 - Vila Conceição, Diadema - SP, 09960-120 2. 350 babies monthly, with 10% premature high and low risk - HDI region 0.757 3. Prematurity in Brazil is the leading cause of death in the first 5 years of age 4. Structure the hospital's human milk collection station to promote breastfeeding practice. The benefits of breast milk are related to improved immune defense, nutrient digestion and absorption, gastrointestinal function, mental development, and the promotion of maternal psychological well-being. Really the best food for the premature is the mother's own raw milk. In the Kangaroo method the mother stays with her baby in the kangaroo position for as long as possible, reducing the separation between them and favoring the bond. Allows adequate thermal control, reduces the risk of nosocomial infection, increases breastfeeding rates and improves the quality of neuro-behavioral and psycho-affective development of the baby. Buy equipment and furniture to the breastfeeding collect station.

Descrição Valor (R$) Observação

Capela de fluxo laminar R$ 9.000,00 1 unidade

Mesa com gaveta R$ 1.436,00 1 unidade

Computador R$ 4.000,00 1 unidade

Impressora R$ 300,00 1 unidade

Cadeiras R$ 382,12 4 unidades

Armário guarda-volume R$ 504,00 1 unidade

Cortina hospitalar R$ 900,00 1 unidade

Armário para materiais R$ 572,00 1 unidade

Mesa auxiliar R$ 459,00 1 unidade

Bomba elétrica LactinaMedela R$ 34.560,00 2 unidades

Kit de extração reutilizável Medela R$ 13.800,00 60 unidades

Mamadeiras NUK R$ 2.690,00 100 unidades

Copos dosadores graduados R$ 4.250,00 500 unidades

Caixas de sonda para lactação R$ 1.400,00 400 unidades

Geladeira com porta de vidro R$ 3.600,00 1 unidade

Freezer com Termômetro R$ 1.700,00 1 unidade

Caixa térmica intra-hospitalar R$ 700,00 1 unidade

Caixa térmica inter-hospitalar R$ 700,00 1 unidade

Ar Condicionado R$ 2.580,00 1 unidade

Incubadora duetto - Fanem R$ 95.000,00 1 unidade

Fototerapia BilitronBed 4006 - Fanem R$ 14.200,00 1 unidade

Fototerapia - Bilitron 3006 R$ 4.987,00 1 unidade

Fototerapia - Bilitron Sky 5006 R$ 5.100,00 1 unidade

Radiometro - LED Fanem THOR ref 3620 R$ 3.000,00 1 unidade

Bomba de seringa R$ 4.500,00 1 unidade

Total - (BR) R$ 215.152,12 - Converted to US$ 53.788,00

Primary Host Partner

District: 4420

Rotary Club of: São Paulo-Nove de Julho

Primary Contact: Maria Magnólia Pretoni

Email: magnolia@dataconsult.com.br

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Project Status

Need $53,788
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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