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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Bhilai

Total Budget: $35,510

Area of Focus: Community economic development

Global Grant : Making Women Self Sustainable

To provide e-rickshaws under the category of Economic and Community

Development Host Club : Rotary Club of Bhilai Greater for R I Dist. 3261.

For the Sustainability of the Project in the long term we have worked with the members of the community and also had a meeting with the Chambers of Commerce and with the probable beneficiaries. Some Rotarians of other clubs too participated who gave ideas and provided assurance of funding the beneficiaries for purchasing the electric auto rickshaw after proper training and period completed.

Mechanism :

1. The 15 E auto rickshaw would be owned by the Department of Police and used by the beneficiaries for their robust training and income generation. Instead of the earlier 3 to 6 months period considered; the same has been envisaged to increase up to one year or getting adequate savings to provide for the initial amount towards purchase of own E Auto Rickshaw; whichever is earlier.

2. Job Training and Capacity Development: During the period the beneficiaries would be getting full all round robust training :

l Driving lessons from the trainer from Police Department and they also help the

beneficiary in getting the certifications. The driving skill training will be in Police

ground and the cost will be borne by Police Department.

l Financial literacy from members of club who are Post Gradutes in Financial Studies

and the cost will be borne by the club and not envisaged in the project cost.

l Self defence training Raksha (Defence) Team of Police Department and the cost to be

borne by the Police Department.

l The training would help in getting the Certifications.

Thus the robust training would help the beneficiary get gainful employment or become a small entrepreneur by owning an E Auto Rickshaw.

3. Certifications and Legal formalities: The Certification in India is by way of Driving License issued by the Regional Transport Office which would be issued to the beneficiary after they pass the driving tests. The Driving License will be for driving two wheeler and light motor vehicles. The certification is for a finite period of 10 years and the same helps the beneficiary get gainful employment by way of salary as employment or a small entrepreneur by owning an E Auto Rickshaw. Certification cost will be borne by Police Department. The host club will ensure that all such E auto Rickshaws purchased by beneficiaries are registered in a smooth manner.

4. Additional Subsidy: The State Government of Chhattisgarh is giving a subsidy of Rs 50,000 per electric auto rickshaw provided the terms and conditions are met and thus even if the project hires person to do with the compliances of the formalities of the State Government the beneficiary should at least have Rs 45000 as additional amount apart from her/his savings from the running of the E Rickshaw. The attachment is evident of the amount receivable.

5. Integration into the local economy: We have further, got assurances for local funding from community members to support our project ongoing and thus eligible beneficiaries if undergoing proper training and having their licenses in place are assured of getting gainful long term income by owning their own E Rickshaw.

6. Long term income generating activities: The beneficiary after getting the training and accumulated income would become a small business owner with her own E Rickshaw. We do presume that most of the beneficiaries would opt for the E Auto Rickshaw and some who do not may get employment. Thus the project would be on going and every year there will be at least 15 beneficiaries would be able to become small entrepreneur and more who undergo training may opt for any of the option. With two shifts for one E Rickshaw the number of beneficiaries would just double and at the moment we are trying not to be too optimistic and plan to have the remaining time for other persons who want to learn driving lessons and other training enabling them to get the certification. Thus we plan to go on a consolidating phase in a gradual manner.

7. Buy Local : The vendors would be local and thus the project follows the concept of Buy Local and the beneficiaries would be able to get the repairs, if any done locally from the vendor's designated units.

8. Host club members would be coming in to help bridge the finance of the amount to the beneficiaries through local bankers and micro finance institutions. The beneficiaries would thus be able to clear the dues of the lenders within a period of 1 year to 2 years from the start of their own E Rickshaw and having thereby long term sustainability for their family.

9. Sustainability: Considering all the above the project of a robust training and long term income generation of eligible persons/beneficiaries is possible. At the moment the project envisages to have at least 60 beneficiaries over a period of 5 years who would be able to earn their livelihood for long term and in turn helping satisfy a great community need of safe travel within the city without any pollution for a population of .4 Million. The project would be on going with the community support thereafter. However, as mentioned earlier if two shifts are done the beneficiaries would double and certifications would go up by 5 times at least.

10. Rotary Public Image : The E-Auto Rickshaws will be of pink colour with Rotary Logo and Club's name and Police Department's label, making it easily recognizable by passengers and also creating a sense of security to the female passengers. Some of the local schools have already shown interest to have the Rotary funded E Rickshaws be deployed for their school children drop and pick up and the same would be easily possible by the beneficiaries and getting additional income. The railway station of Bhilai is vibrant and so also other important places like bus stand and the main shopping malls wherein we shall get a parking place with Rotary Logo so that the E Rickshaws of the project are stationed there for use of the public and enhancing public image of Rotary.

11. Revised Budget of the Project : After revisiting and taking care of the changes as proposed please find below the revised budget attached and should you have any queries please free to raise and please suggest any other improvements you would like to have.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3261

Rotary Club of: Bhilai Greater

Primary Contact: Malay Jain

Email: malayjain_1@yahoo.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5340

Rotary Club of: Escondido

Primary Contact: Colleen MacKinnon

Email: mackinnon.philip@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $10,632
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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