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Project Description

Country: USA

Location: Ketchikan, Alaska

Total Budget: $20,000

Areas of Focus: Maternal and child health, Basic education and literacy

Activity Type: Community Development: Construction/Renovation

Summary: Renovate a location at the Ketchikan Public Library into a Children's Sensory Garden area designed to engage and enrich the children in our community. This is for the city of Ketchikan Alaska.

I am writing to submit a grant application on behalf of First City Rotary for the creation of a Children's Sensory Garden at the Ketchikan Public Library, which has over 58,000 visitors per year. Our proposal aims to enhance the library's outdoor space, creating an inclusive and interactive environment that promotes sensory exploration and learning for children of all abilities.

Project Overview:

The Children's Sensory Garden project seeks to transform an underutilized outdoor area of the library into a vibrant and engaging space that stimulates the senses and fosters creativity, curiosity, and connection with nature. The garden will feature a variety of sensory-rich elements designed to engage children's senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste, providing an immersive and multi-sensory experience for visitors.

Key Features of the Children's Sensory Garden:

• Sensory Stations: The garden will include interactive sensory stations strategically placed throughout the space, offering opportunities for children to explore different textures, colors, sounds, and scents. These stations may include tactile pathways, musical instruments, aromatic plants, and tactile sculptures, providing children with hands-on experiences that ignite their imagination and curiosity.

• Nature Play Area: A dedicated nature play area will provide children with opportunities for unstructured play and exploration in a natural setting. Features such as log balance beams, stepping stones, and tree stumps will encourage physical activity, gross motor skills development, and imaginative play, fostering a deeper connection with the natural world.

• Educational Programming: The Children's Sensory Garden will serve as a platform for educational programming and interactive workshops focused on nature, gardening, and sensory exploration. Library staff, volunteers, and community partners will collaborate to develop engaging and educational activities that complement the garden's theme and objectives, providing enriching experiences for children and families. Last year, our Ketchikan Public Library held over 414 programs for all ages.

• Accessibility Features: The garden will be designed with inclusivity and accessibility in mind, ensuring that children of all abilities can fully participate and enjoy the sensory experiences offered. Accessible pathways, sensory-rich materials, and sensory-friendly signage will be incorporated into the design to accommodate children with diverse needs and disabilities, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity for all.

Project Impact:

The Children's Sensory Garden project aligns with the Ketchikan Public Library''s mission to provide enriching and inclusive educational experiences for children and families in our community. By creating a welcoming outdoor space that promotes sensory exploration, nature appreciation, and imaginative play, the garden will enhance the library's offerings and contribute to the overall well-being and development of children in our community.

Grant Request:

We are seeking funding in the amount of $5,000 to support the implementation of the Children's Sensory Garden project. The requested funds will be used to cover expenses related to design, construction, landscaping, signage, materials, and educational programming. The additional $15,000 will be funded from our annual Rotary Fourth of July Duck Race.

We believe that the Children's Sensory Garden project represents an exciting opportunity to enhance an already highly visited outdoor space and create a valuable resource for children and families in our community. We are committed to partnering with the Ketchikan Public Library to bring this vision to life and to create a lasting legacy that will benefit generations to come.

Thank you for considering our grant application. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with the Ketchikan Public Library and to make the Children's Sensory Garden a reality.


Ben Edwards

President, 2024-2025

First City Rotary Ketchikan

Project Contact Person

District: 5010

Rotary Club of: Ketchikan (The First City)

Primary Contact: Ben Edwards

Email: benakaslim@gmail.com

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Project listed for the 2024-25 Rotary Year.

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