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Project Description

Country: United State

Location: Queen Creek, AZ

Total Budget: $4,559

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

Activity Type: Health: General

Summary: Purchase of a trained mental health therapy dog to accompany SRO's for several Queen Creek area schools.

Our club focuses on increasing teen mental health and resiliency to help mitigate teen suicide through several community events and fundraisers. Queen Creek and the east valley have had a severe increase in youth mental health issues. This problem has been identified by school officials, healthcare professionals and the Queen Creek Police department.

The trained police K-9 will provide comfort to students and be used to diffuse situations at schools when a child is experiencing emotional distress. The dog sill assist special education students in crisis and be used to deflect during fire alarms and other school evacuations. The K-9 will also be used as a catalyst in the therapy process.

The Queen Creek Police department has committed to the ongoing care, ownership and responsibilities of the animal. The timeline for completion of the project will be as soon as the funds are granted.

As a benefit, the dog's vest will be branded with the Rotary logo and will be available as a special guest for our ongoing community functions and educational events. The matching club funds will be provided by our "Run Walk for Teen Resilience" fundraiser held in May 2023 where the majority of our founding 33 members actively participated, along with our Mayor, Town Council Members and Chief of Police.

Project Contact Person

District: 5495

Rotary Club of: Queen Creek

Primary Contact: Jason Jantzen

Email: jason@ahipokibowl.com

Project Status

Fully Pledged
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Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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by Rebecca Wilks

This project has undergone initial review. Please note the following:

1. Projects require active Rotarian participation. please edit your description to show this

2. Our records show that your club did not meet the training requirement (to send two members to training last Spring)

3. We require that the club upload (to this project page) a signed MOU.

4. Our records show that your club did not meet giving requirements for this grant amount. Please refer to the DG Guidelines document for further information.

Thank you.


by Rebecca Wilks

This is an update on the status of your application (the items still required from the list previously sent.) The application must be complete by the 12/9/23 deadline to be considered.

1. Active Rotarian participation is required by the Rotary Foundation. Please edit your grant description to show how Rotarians will participate in the project.

2. Tom McLarty is pursuing your club's compliance with the training requirement. Alternatively, you may send me the names of the two current members of your club who attended training in Spring 2023. info@drwilks.com


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