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Project Description

Country: USA

Location: San Diego County

Total Budget: $1,000

Area of Focus: The environment

Activity Type: Food/Agriculture: General

Summary: Support design of the ECOLIFE M.A.R.K food system

ECOLIFE has designed the Modular Aquaponics Response Kit (M.A.R.K.) in order to establish localized sustainable food systems and provide economic opportunities to under served communities across the world.

In the time since ECOLIFE was founded in 2003, it has worked with a variety of communities and individuals to implement local, sustainable food systems utilizing aquaponics. The success of ECOLIFE's Sustainable Agriculture Program has allowed it to fine-tune its methods of communicating aquaponics to a wide audience. Its technical expertise has now allowed for the development of energy-efficient aquaponic systems that will not depend on conventional sources of electricity. The introduction of the M.A.R.K. will enable anyone, anywhere to grow nutrient-dense produce and protein-rich fish in a wide variety of environments.

ECOLIFE Aquaponics Innovation Center & Aquaponics Detail:

Our current food system poses many challenges to human health and to the environment. If we want to see a future where all people have access to healthy food, we must adopt alternative growing and distribution methods. Equipping communities with the knowledge and skills to take agriculture into their own hands gives them access to a wide variety of fresh foods, while also reducing resource consumption associated with growing and transporting produce. Aquaponics can bring nutrient-dense produce into food-insecure areas and relieves economic and environmental burdens. ECOLIFE's Aquaponics Innovation Center utilizes 3 different aquaponic systems aimed at empowering communities to be self-sufficient, increase individual prosperity through job training and healthy eating practices, and protect our natural resources.

Project Contact Person

District: 5340

Rotary Club of: Solana Beach

Primary Contact: Niels Lund

Email: info@sbecorotary.org

Project Status

This project is "Approved". This means that the district leadership has reviewed and approved the allocation of district funds for this project. Once the funds from the district have been issued, the status of the project will be changed to "Paid".

Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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