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History Logs

Project Description

Country: USA

Location: Juneau

Total Budget: $50,000

Area of Focus: Community economic development

Activity Type: Community Development: Construction/Renovation

Summary: The four Juneau Rotary Clubs will build a covered picnic shelter at Fish Creek Park on Douglas Island to enhance outdoor recreation and education opportunities for people of all ages.

What needs have been identified.

In response to community interest from user groups regarding the on-going and future use of the Fish Creek Park recreation area, the Juneau Parks & Recreation Department developed a Master Plan for Fish Creek Park, located on Douglas Island. The plan was approved in 2022. The park is easily accessed from North Douglas Highway and serves as a connection point to myriad outdoor recreation and outdoor education opportunities. People of all ages enjoy access to trails, ponds, Fish Creek, forest, marine shoreline, intertidal zones, fishing, and wildlife viewing. One of the Master Plan components is construction of a covered picnic shelter.

How the project will meet those needs.

The four Rotary Clubs of Juneau will work together on a group project that will harness more resources, spark club energy, and strengthen Rotary's overall visibility and impact in the community. Through our collaboration we will build the envisioned picnic shelter, increase community use of the area, and raise awareness for further developing the park in the years to come. The proposed construction of the shelter will be the first item completed on the Master Plan. The shelter will provide opportunity for the public to enjoy the area in a way they can't currently.

Project partners include the four Juneau Rotary Clubs, Juneau Parks & Recreation, and the Juneau Parks Foundation. There is also potential for participation from our high school Interact Clubs. We will reach out to our school Interact and Vocational Club leaders to determine if these opportunities are feasible.

Each Rotary club will 1) contribute financially, and 2) take a leadership role to ensure success of the project. The Juneau "Downtown" Rotary Club will initiate project organization, serve as liaison between the project partners, and provide grant management. Glacier Valley, Gastineau, and Innovators will each help with overall project advancement and organizing the volunteer work force needed in the Spring.

Timeline for your project.

We plan to construct the shelter in Spring, 2024. This timeline works well for the clubs, Parks & Recreation Department, and Icy Straits Lumber who will supply the 12 x 20 Picnic Shelter Kit. Icy Strait Lumber is the same outfit we worked with in 2019 when the clubs built the Auke Lake Wayside Picnic Shelter. A matching grant from the district made that project possible.

April 20, 2023: Apply for District Grant.

July 2023: Picnic Shelter Kit ordered from Icy Strait Lumber.

April/May 2023: Site preparation. Construction of picnic shelter.

Project funds will pay for:

Picnic Shelter Kit and shipping

Footings and shipping

Picnic table and shipping

Rotary signage

Equipment rental/materials/permits


How many club members will be involved.

We propose 30% club membership from each club. Club members will help by advancing the project work scope during the year and by showing up in force when it is time to build the structure.

Project Revenue & Expense


Juneau Rotary Club $5,000

Gastineau Rotary Club $5,000

Glacier Rotary Club $5,000

Innovators Club $2,500

Other $7,500 (Juneau Parks Foundation)

Subtotal $25,000

District Grant Match $25,000

Total $50,000


Picnic Shelter Kit $40,000

Shipping $1,500

Footings $1,800

Equip Rentals/Materials/Permits/Rotary Signage $2,000

Picnic Table $2,500

Contingency $2,200

Total $50,000

Project Contact Person

District: 5010

Rotary Club of: Juneau

Primary Contact: Jamie Waste

Email: jamieswaste@gmail.com

Project Status

Fully Pledged
This project is "Fully Pledged". This means the amount of the pledges is equal to the total budget of the project. Now the project needs to be finalized and go through the club signature process. This process gets started on the administration page.

Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

Proposed Financing

Existing Contributions Towards This Project





Juneau (5010)









DDF contributions in grey are pending approval of the corresponding district committee.

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