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Project Description

Country: USA

Location: San Diego

Total Budget: $800

Areas of Focus: Peacebuilding and conflict prevention, Basic education and literacy

Activity Type: Education: General

Summary: Support for one team to the Rotary Model UN event that provides High School students with the opportunity to participate in debates in a United Nations setting

Model UN is for high school students to participate in teams of two in a United Nations debate setting. They will draw a country three months in advance of the April 1, 2023 event, learn about it's history, culture and political positions, before presenting those positions in response to two UN Resolutions chosen by the director. It has been on going in our District for 18 years and now has participation from as many as 5 foreign countries.

Addendum to Project Description (added after the project was signed)

The Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club has approve an additional team for Model UN. The club will pay the additional $200.00 need to fund a second team on this grant.

CAL Coast Academy was unable to put forward a second team. We will be refunding to the District the difference of $150.00 i.e. for one team at $500.00 $250.00Club $250.00DDF.

Project Contact Person

District: 5340

Rotary Club of: Solana Beach

Primary Contact: Lynn Stevens

Email: lynn.stevens@traveledge.com

Project Status

This project is "Completed". This means the project has been implemented and the report was accepted by the district leadership. The project will stay listed on this website as a testimony of the achievements of the project partners.

Project listed for the 2022-23 Rotary Year.

Proposed Financing

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History Log Entries


System Entry

System Entry: Creation of project page.


by Lynn Stevens

System Entry: Project sent for club signatures.


by Lynn Stevens

System Entry: Project signed by Lynn Stevens.


System Entry

System Entry: Project signed by Julie MOrisot.


by Janice Kurth

System Entry: Project approved by the District Approval Committee.


by Marta Knight

Club banking information received.


by James Morrison

System Entry: Check for DDF payment issued by Foundation Treasurer.


by Lynn Stevens

Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club has approved one additional MUN team from Cal Coast Academy. The club will pay the $200.00 additional funds needed. Please change this grant to be for TWO teams.


by Lynn Stevens

We were only able to fill one team this year not 2. I will refund the DDF difference of $150.00. $400.00-$250.00 actual cost share=$150.00


by Lynn Stevens

System Entry: Final Report signed by Lynn Stevens.


System Entry

System Entry: Final Report signed by Julie MOrisot.


by Alan Turner

Please provide proof of payment


by Lynn Stevens

Refund of $150.00 over payment was done by bank transfer on 27MAR23. Please see documents for a copy of the bank statement showing the transfer.


by Alan Turner

System Entry: Final report approved by the District Approval Committee.

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