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Project Description

Country: USA

Location: Juneau

Total Budget: $97,000

Area of Focus: Community economic development

Activity Type: Community Development: Construction/Renovation

Summary: Park Shelter to benefit family and large group events at Riverside Rotary Park in Juneau, Alaska

Riverside Rotary Park Shelter Proposal

Submitted by Juneau Glacier Valley Rotary

Juneau Glacier Valley Rotary (GVR) has been involved with Riverside Rotary Park (RRP) for over 40 years. Our long history includes the upkeep and continued improvement of RRP. Among other work, we installed a duck feeding station, the 9/11 Memorial, the original playground (and its replacement in 2018), the Bob Valiant Memorial bench, and perform annual clean-up and brush removal to keep the site lines open. We consider this our club's signature project, and are committed to continuing its maintenance and further improvements.

Four years ago, GVR paid for the creation of a Master Plan (Plan) for RRP. The Plan has three elements that we would like to complete during 2021. First, we plan to complete the 9/11 Memorial with a concrete wall behind and encompassing 3 sides of the memorial (this was part of the original design). Second, we will move the small shelter from its current location to one adjacent to the new playground. Third, we would like to purchase and install a 20' by 40' pre-fabricated Pavilion structure in the location called out in the master plan.

The Pavilion will be an excellent addition to RRP. It will provide a safe and centrally located gathering place for families across the Borough.

The Pavilion design is Hemlock post and beam sourced from Hoonah, that is similar to the design of the shelter at Auke Lake (that was a collaborative effort of the four Juneau Rotary Clubs two years ago). This proposed shelter will have a concrete floor, standing seam metal roofing with gutters and snow stops, and interior LED lighting. The shelter will be designed, engineered, and built to City codes. All materials will be sourced in Southeast Alaska, with the majority of installation labor provided by Rotarians, resulting in 37% cost savings over City projections ($142,000 for the Pavilion). This effort requires the involvement of our entire club working in shifts.

Riverside Rotary Park is a wonderful community asset that is well used and appreciated. It is located directly across from our largest high school and serves a sizable neighborhood, accessible by walkways and bike paths and a parking lot. This large shelter would expand park use during our more inclement weather. We look forward to hosting quad-club Rotary events at Riverside Rotary Park with access to the large pavilion for our gatherings.

This year we will hold our annual 9/11 memorial service in the park which is attended by hundreds in the community as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of this solemn event. It will be wonderful to have the large pavilion available for use during this annual event.

We thank you for your consideration of this worthwhile Project!

Project Contact Person

District: 5010

Rotary Club of: Juneau-Glacier Valley

Primary Contact: Michelle Strickler

Email: stricklermichelle@gmail.com

Project Status

This project is "Signed". This means that the signatures from the club leadership have been collected. This project is now being reviewed by the district leadership for approval. Once a decision is made, the status of the project will be changed to "Approved".

Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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