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Country: India

Location: Patna

Total Budget: $48,750

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

Activity Type: Health: Disease

Summary: Dialysis facilities for Economically Backward Class: Give Dialysis facility in minimum possible cost to economically backward class. Space & Doctors is ready to run the Unit. Rotary needs to invest in machine and set up infrastructure & other items for th

In Bihar - India's third most populous state - 85% of people live in rural areas; more than half live in poverty. The mortality rate here is 7% which is exceptionally high. Consequently, Bihar generally ranks weakest in health outcomes in comparison to other Indian states and even among its EAG counterparts.

We want to open a Rotary Dialysis Centre at two places in Patna. Two dialysis machines each will be installed in two institutions. Both these institutions are ready to provide us with space.

Dialysis is essential for patients suffering from "End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)" and it is observed from preliminary studies that the prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) the precursor to ESRD is 0.8% in India. The cost of supporting the treatment of patients undergoing dialysis and suffering from ESRD is very high in the order of Rs. 10,000 to Rs 20,000 per month; with 37% of the country's population below the international poverty line of USD 1.5 per day, it is impossible to support such high treatment costs. Cost per session of dialysis is anywhere between Rs 3000 to Rs 4000 in the private set up. From this project, our club will provide low-cost dialysis centres between Rs 750 to Rs 1000 in Patna, Bihar.

We have planned to donate two dialysis machines each at Mahavir Arogya Sansthan and Sheila Urology & Laparoscopy Centre at Patna and a team of our club members will supervise that they charge only a fixed cost amount to the poor patients.

At present, a total of four dialysis machines are running in the Mahavir Arogya Sansthan and there is always a long queue of poor patient. Therefore our club is planning to contribute two more dialysis machines.

The centre will be operated by qualified dialysis technicians and supported by trained nurses and shall operate in two shifts every day, seven days a week.

Sheila Urology & Laparoscopy Centre at Sri Krishna Nagar, Patna is a well-established centre for Endo-Urology and Laparoscopic Surgery. In this area, there are no dialysis centres. They will provide the space for the proposed Rotary Patliputra Dialysis Center. The centre will start with two dialysis machines. They shall employ one nephrologist who will consult all patients. Adequate manpower shall be employed by them for operating the dialysis centre as agreed. They shall provide the service for all patients requiring dialysis, the patient has to be advised for dialysis by the nephrologist associated with the centre.

They shall collect the minimum charges prescribed by the committee for availing dialysis services from the beneficiaries.

Mahavir Arogya Sansthan & Sheila Urology & Laparoscopy Centre would be responsible for the day to day running of the centre (including doctors, nurses and other manpower) and adhering to the laws and regulations that govern the process.

The total number of direct beneficiaries :


3600 patients

Project Contact Person

District: 3250

Rotary Club of: Pataliputra

Primary Contact: Bipin Chachan

Email: bipinchachan@gmail.com

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Need $24,750
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Project listed for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

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