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Region: South America

Country: Perú

Location: San Borja

Total Budget: $771,210

Areas of Focus: Peacebuilding and conflict prevention, Community economic development

The Volunteer Firefighters Company "COSMOPOLITA" 11, is in charge of San Borja's district (105,000 people) and supports the districts of Surquillo (89.000 people), San Isidro (58.000 people), La Victoria (192.000 people), San Luis (54.000 people) and Surco (285.000 people).

Due to its geographical location, strategically situated in a central part of the city, it has access to the main highways and fast roads, and its attention span reaches the entire city of Lima (Aproximately 9 million 752.000 inhabitants), so it makes very important the prompt response with specialized units and equipments.

According to the current balance, the demand is not well covered, so the donation raised in this project is justified to allow timely and efficient attention, contributing to providing security and welfare to the population.

The weak strength in infrastructure, equipment, training and implementation of the volunteer fire brigade companies in the country, as well as the lack of the education to the population, regarding integral management of the risk, preparation and rescue service in all its modalities and the attention of accidents with hazardous materials, manifests strongly in each of the incidents attended by our firefighters.

As part of the community, we are aware of the needs they are going through, having to make fundraisings to face expenses for their insufficient and obsolete equipment.

The Volunteer Firefighters Company "COSMOPOLITA" 11 depends on the National Command of the Volunteer Firefighters of Peru, as well of the support of private companies in many cases; it is the competent authority for the prevention, control and extinction of fires, in the same way, helps in traffic accidents, medical emergencies and rescue of lives exposed to some danger.

This company with 143 years is providing us, its voluntary service to the community due its service vocation, social sensibility, commitment and discipline; its firefighters have demonstrated their strength, courage and great service spirit in times of trouble, attending nearly 2,000 emergencies in the last year: fires, hazardous materials handling, rescue and first aid.

The units assigned to the emergency service, regardless of their origin (acquisition and/or donation), are registered to the National Fire Peruvian Department, an agency of the Interior Ministry, responsible for managing the infrastructure and units of the General Fire Department of Peru, which has an annual budget allocated by the central goverment to meet the needs of the emergency service (maintenance, fuel, repairs, etc.)

The vehicle will be built from zero at the manufacturers¨facilities in the United States of America and will be imported to Peru through its commercial representative, who guarantees the technical service and the personnel's training in its use, in Lima.

Manufacturing and importing will take one year.

The project funds will cover the fabrication of the unity, the shoppong to Lima, Clearances, 4% duties, 18% taxes and 4.5% of a bank's bond letter.

All the club members are involved in this cause, making anual activities to raise money for buying small equipment needed, in this case we would sell in the community, magnet souvenirs with the emergencies' phone number.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4455

Rotary Club of: Perú sin fronteras - Lima

Primary Contact: Carmen Quevedo

Email: carmen_q2005@hotmail.com

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Need $513,140
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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