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Region: South-East Asia

Country: India

Location: Palampur

Total Budget: $48,348

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

In Himachal Pradesh, the availability of health services is highly haphazard in nature with huge disparities. These disparities exist in rural as well as urban areas. Health services served in any region display the level of health and human wellbeing and also play an important role to maintain socio-economic set up as they help in the prevention of diseases and the promotion of health. More than 50% of patients coming to the emergency in a hospital have one or the other abdominal complaints. Most of these patients require urgent surgical attention.

If such diseased condition is not taken care of at the appropriate time have a significant effect on community health by increasing morbidity and mortality of the patient.Gynecological patients account for almost 40% of remaining emergency attendance. A full-fledged laparoscopic unit caters to both surgical and gynecological units. The rural population of Palampur and Kangra valley directly or indirectly will be the beneficiary of the project which envisages putting up a laparoscopic surgery unit dedicated to various surgical and gynecological issues. This project will cater to the poorer segment of the society which cannot afford expensive treatment out of state located private hospitals.

• The area we are addressing has most of the population in a rural area and low economic groupsthat have significant financial restraints. Being a difficult terrain area, access to advanced health care to most of the population is limited.

• The limited private health care options charge exorbitantly for routine surgical procedures which can be performed on a subsidized basis.

• This part of Himachal Pradesh is commonly known as a stone belt as the prevalence of the stone disease is very high.

• Approximately 40% of patients in surgical OPD have either gallstones or renal stones.

• Laparoscopic management has become the gold standard treatment of most surgical diseases like gallstones, appendix, various hernias, varicocele and ovarian cysts. It was observed that inequalities in the distribution of health care between rural and urban areas can only be removed if proper social and spatial planning is undertaken at the micro and a meso levels. Most of the hospitals, which serve as one of the prime healthcare services in India, are located in urban areas, hence it is inconvenient for the rural people to have access to these services. The differences in urban-rural health indicators are a harsh reality. Keeping in view the existing low level of availability of health services especially to the female gender, it seems important to mention here that intensive efforts are required towards making health services accessible and available to the patients of the state through rationalization of health services and minimizing them inter and intraregional differences.

• Providing affordable and latest treatment to the community will be a boon for the local population.

This project will meet the poor patient's requirement of affordable advanced treatment which is critical for increasing the longevity and quality of life of these patients otherwise these patients consequently develop severe life-threatening complications. This project will enhance the length and quality of life of common men and especially women suffering from genital problems without causing severe financial strain on their families.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3070

Rotary Club of: Palampur

Primary Contact: Vivek Sharma

Email: drsharmavks@gmail.com

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Need $27,232
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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