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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Thuraiyur

Total Budget: $34,722

Area of Focus: Basic education and literacy

AGM Higher Secondary School, Eragudi

1. Project Tile

Project Proposal for smartclass - smart class Education is the use of Advanced Technology in l Education to make it more interesting. Smart class & Creative as audio - Visuals effects used in smart class impart more effect in learning process.

2. Aim

a. To promote high Standard education to rural Students.

b. Advanced machineries & Smart class Education brings complete transformation in learning that is for beyond the traditional methodology of leading.

c. To important quality and value based education, Character, Create Social and Environmental awareness in the students and inspire them to become a confident citizens of modern India who are able to challenged of the rapidly world.

3. Objectives

a. The conventional black - board has made way for digital equipment ,making the

learning process not just more colorful but also more interesting.

b. While Smart classes use all interactive modules like videos and presentations smart

classes improves teaching effectiveness and eases administrative tasks by providing teachers with the easy to use tools.

c. Virtual class rooms allow students more freedom to create experiment explore and

Steer the class. This freedom can produce improved students performance. Modern teaching tools are used, such as multimedia, Animation, Science experiments Virtual etc.Learning environment can be stimulating and fun.

4. Area Proposed to be covered

District : Tiruchirapalli

Block : Thuraiyur & Uppiliyapuram

Area :5 Villages

Beneficiaries : 3000 Students.

5.Target Groups

The beneficiaries are teachers and students collaborate online via audio, Video and text chart. It's easier to work with different learner types. Divide a single Virtual classroom into breakout sessions, and let students of different levels work at their own pace, While the teacher moderates and facilities.

6.Monitoring and Evaluation

A team of members will monitor the whole smart class activities, we purpose in the monitoring team the AGM Head Master, Principal and Managing Trustee of RCETEragudi. They will monitor the regular operations related to smart classes.


Proposed Class Rooms : 50

Approximate cost per trade : Rs.50000

Total Cost: Rs.50000 x 50 Rooms = Rs.2500000

Primary Contact:

Rtn.P.Manikanda Ananth



Primary Host Partner

District: 3000

Rotary Club of: Thuraiyur Perumal Malai

Primary Contact: P. Manikanda Ananth

Email: ananthspm@gmail.com

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Project Status

Need $23,148
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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