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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Perú

Location: Lima

Total Budget: $97,620

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

The National Maternal Perinatal Institute (INMP), in the last three census years attended on average 66,269 births. It is considered the largest maternity in Peru and the third in Latin America, as a national reference. This center specialized in the maternal perinatal field, serves a population with risk factors or problems, most of which belongs to the socioeconomic groups called "C" and "D" corresponding to people with low and very low resources, of the poverty rings of Lima and the different regions of the country with an average age of mothers of 25 years and with 19% of pregnant women of adolescent age. At the National Maternal Perinatal Institute (INMP) an average of 20,000 newborns are born each year, and 50 births are attended daily. The main objectives are to provide high quality health services with efficiency and punctuality from the birth of the newborn, as well as in intensive and intermediate care services where patients are treated in critical conditions with quality and opportunity criteria.

This project is to help improve the quality of neonatal care in the immediate care service at the National Maternal Perinatal Institute by incorporating 20 new equipments: MULTIPARAMETER MONITORS with 05 parameters.

The need was initially assessed with the receipt of a letter from the INMP requesting support to cover the need for vital monitoring of the neonates that the Institute serves and secondly with the visit to the Institute to show the need. The Institute has an installed capacity of 450 beds that are always filled and attends on average 50 daily deliveries and the residence time of the mother and the child depending on the complexity is from 03 to 19 days, during which time they are attended by a team of 189 nurses who try to supply themselves to attend simultaneously to mothers and newborns. The risk of mortality is increased by births of underweight less than 2.5Kg and very low weight less than 1.5Kg and very low end of 1kg that require constant monitoring of their vital signs and this is where monitors are most needed Multiparameters for the evaluation and monitoring of infants in the rooms of UCIM IIII and IV. Thus, the need for 40 monitors to meet the 50 babies born per day was identified and we made the decision to support through this first project with the purchase and installation of 20 5-parameter Multiparameter Monitors.

Planned Activities to address the Need and how the project will be sustained long term:

1.First step: Quote

Information from suppliers of Multiparameter monitors was requested from the logistics and biomedical engineering area of the National Maternal Perinatal Institute. These areas provided information on 03 companies that sell this type of equipment, which were delivered to Rotary members and that allowed us to identify Nova Medical SAC as the best option in quality and price.

2.Second step: Purchase of equipment

Once the financing has been obtained, we will proceed to purchase the monitors from the supplier company, complying with the standards required by the Institute.

3.Third step: Equipment Installation Supervision

The supervision of the installation of the monitors will be in charge of the RC El Rímac, the installation will be in charge of the supplier Company.

4.Fourth step: Promotion of the project.

The project will be promoted through social networks and media.

5.Project sustainability

After the warranty period, the equipment will enter the preventive and corrective maintenance plan of the institution like all the equipment in charge of the biomedical engineering functional unit and the company in charge of the biomedical equipment.

Which Area(s) of Focus do you see the above fits into clearly? (At least one Area of Focus):

The area of interest is: Maternal and Child Health

Anticipated Project Financing: US$

The project is valued at $ 97,620 USD, includes 20 Multiparameter Monitors with 5 parameters BRAND: NIHON KOHDEN MODEL: BSM-3562 and 20 solid stabilizers.

To date we have 2,000 USD from district 4455 and 2,000 USD from RC El Rimac,and the members of the club for this project are 5

Primary Host Partner

District: 4455

Rotary Club of: El Rímac

Primary Contact: Loreta Lecca

Email: loretalecca@coachingytalento.com

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

Need $93,620
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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