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Project Description

Region: Africa

Country: Uganda

Location: Teso, Eastern Uganda

Total Budget: $42,950

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Water, sanitation and hygiene, Basic education and literacy, Community economic development

90% of this rural community in Okulonyo mainly grows crops at subsistence level. It only has a little excess which is sold locally. A small proportion of the community grows cash crops including rice, sorghum, and groundnut while a few others undertake petty trade. The annual average income is less than USD 100. Poverty breeds hunger, disease and curtails development within this village.

General Objectives:

1. To improve access to safe water by providing two deep wells and promotion of hygiene behavioural changes in beneficiary households.

2. To improve community health by preventing malaria through trainings and provision of mosquito nets.

3. To mitigate the impact of tree cutting on the environment.

4. To improve community income and diet through imparting knowledge of sustainable integrated organic farming by training and providing improved livestock species & beehives for the youth and women groups

5. To improve the primary education delivery services by contributing scholastic materials to the local primary school and constructing a new latrine for girls.

Objective 1.

a. To provide two bore holes in the affected villages in Okulonyo sub county (fully protected and fitted with hand pumps for water abstraction).

b. To sensitize the beneficiaries about the importance of maintaining a sanitary home environment, safe water chain, proper use of latrines and give them tips for the operation and management of the improved water sources

Budget:$ 14,000

Objective 2.

a. To sensitize the community about the prevention of malaria, Menstrual Hygiene Management to school girls.

b. To provide long-term insecticide treated mosquito bed nets to the expectant mothers and children beneficiaries.

Budget:$ 8,000

Objective 3.

a. To provide tree seedlings to be planted for sustainable future use as fruit trees, firewood, tree shades and fodder for the livestock.

b. To train the beneficiaries in the techniques of tree planting and management.

Budget:$ 7,000

Objective 4.

a. To train the community in the techniques of sustainable integrated organic farming so as to improve on food security in the community.

b. To provide improved livestock to families for improved household nutrition and income and also provide bee hives for the youth group.

c. To train the farmers in professional farm management including farm records keeping, enabling them manage their farms as business units.

Budget:$ 7,500

Objective 5.

a. To provide scholastic materials to school going children.

b. To sensitize the community about the importance of education, especially the girl child.

Budget:$ 6,450

Implementation of the entire project would be within one year, but oversights for one year with site visits by the Rotarians. The members of Rotary Club of Soroti Central together with the village and local government leaders will actively be involved throughout the project period, during training, distribution and monitoring/evaluation.



Clean Water $ 14,000

Malaria Prevention & training $ 8,000

Health/environmental training & provision of tree seedlings $ 7,000

Hunger-Agricultural training, livestock & beehives $ 7,500

Education-School Supplies & MHM training $ 6,450

Total project cost $ 42,950

Primary Host Partner

District: 9211

Rotary Club of: Soroti Central

Primary Contact: Samuel Isenge Okello

Email: adachar02@yahoo.com

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Project Status

Need $28,384
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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