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Region: Asia

Country: Bangladesh

Location: Cox Bazar

Total Budget: $54,480

Area of Focus: None

1. Cooperating Organization

In partnership with the Amarok Society to add a new school that will incorporate the ODL (Open & Distant Learning) methodology. This teaching method transitions an existing curriculum program to increase efficiency and quality with 25% less instruction time for new teachers and support high quality instruction for all teachers.

The Amarok Society now operates 22 schools in the Bangladesh slums that currently teach 550 illiterate mothers, each who teach 5 extremely poor children. They are teaching 2750 children. Currently, a new teacher requires several weeks of training followed by intense mentor-ship by the senior staff in order to ensure quality. Costs for new schools are considerable in terms of personnel time and travel costs for senior staff, and there is a considerable cost of time expended until a teacher is highly effective in her instruction of women - who in turn will copy what she does when teaching the children.

This grant updates the teaching and learning tools, methodology, and materials while reducing the cost and increasing quality of teaching.

• An extremely capable, highly regarded ODL expert from a University in India

• The Indian consultant's travel to Bangladesh two times

• Creation of ODL Guide Books

• Rental facilities for workshops for the 21 Teachers and 21 Teacher Assistants and 4 Senior Management

• Establishment of a new school near the host Rotary Club facilities to ensure very close involvement by the host club

• 2 Material Creation Specialists for educational game-making

• 1 Project Manager responsible for drafting reports and carrying out the monitoring including baseline documentation

• Supplies and materials to implement the work

• Printing of the ODL Guide Books

• Printing and lamination of educational games

• 1 Laptop computer and printer

2. To develop ODL (Open & Distant Learning) Guide Books, based on existing curriculum for year one of study to increase efficiency, increasing quality of instruction in 25%. less time.

3. To establish a new test school (one teacher, one assistant teacher, 25-mothers who attend school for 2-hours per day and go home and teach 5-children what they learned that day).

4. To validate the ODL Guide Book methodology and teaching techniques and fine tune materials. Then incorporate these changes into the test school.

5. To train all education staff in how to use this ODL Guide Book and implement in all other existing schools. And to train all education staff in how to add new material to lessons and expand the Guide Book with relevant materials.

6. To prepare educational games and train education staff how to make new simple games for review in grammar and vocabulary, novels or stories they are reading, current events discussion, etc.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3282

Rotary Club of: Cox's Bazar City

Primary Contact: Samsul Shohel

Email: sams.shohel@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5240

Rotary Club of: Cambria

Primary Contact: Monty Rice

Email: mgr@amcf.com

Project Status

Need $33,320
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #18753.

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