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Region: Asia

Country: USA

Location: Thotapalli, Andhra Prades

Total Budget: $158,000

Area of Focus: None

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HEALTH and EDUCATION FOR ALL (HEAL) is a Charity dedicated to provide Health and Education to about 600 orphan children in Thotapalli, near Vijayawad, AP, India.

HEAL was first registered as a Charity in UK in 1992 by a Physician, Dr Satya Prasad, who migrated from my home town to UK. HEAL India is registered in 1993 and later in USA in 2008.

HEAL is committed to provide food, clothing, residential facilities, health care and education to all children in its care, with the strong belief that Education is the key to helping the most disadvantaged children.

A proposal for safe drinking water, sanitation and personal hygiene for 600 orphans, faculty, staff and visitors at HEAL is submitted.

The Campus of HEAL PARADISE was built in multiple phases starting from 2012 commencing with the School building, followed by the Dorms for girls and boys, the Primary School and later the remaining units. In the early phases of development of HEAL, when the total student enrollment was about 220, four reverse osmosis plants were installed at different places in the 27 acres campus to supply Drinking Water. Currently, there is no pipeline to supply Drinking Water to the various buildings. Drinking Water is currently supplied through portable cans to the various buildings.

Currently, there are three bore wells in the campus out of which two bore wells provide salt water, which is not good even for Water for General Use. This water needs to be treated with a Water Softener/treatment system at a single location before distribution to all 10 buildings.

The proposal is to construct an overhead water storage tank with storage capacity to meet one day's requirement for the entire campus. The campus currently has 600 students plus the Faculty, Staff, Volunteers and visitors. Most of the Faculty, Staff and Volunteers reside in the campus. The current constructed facilities in HEAL can accommodate 1000 students. Full occupancy of the campus is expected to occur in the next two years. There will be 1,200 persons in the campus once the campus is fully occupied.

At the rate of 80 liters per day consumption per person (majority being children), the need is for 100,000 liters of water per day.

The proposed Rotary Global Grant includes the following:

a) Installation of a Water Softening / treatment Plant of capacity 25 m3 / hour

b) Construction of an overhead tank of capacity 100,000 liters at 19 meters height.

c) Construction of 3 ground level water tanks of capacity 50,000 liters each, which will be used to:

1. Collect raw / untreated water from bore well and supply the water to the softener/ treatment plant

2. Collect treated water, which will be pumped to overhead tank

3. Collect waste water from treatment plant and supply the waste water to the garden

d) Construction of a Reverse Osmosis plant, and installation of a separate insulated storage tank of capacity 20,000 liters.

e) Installation of a pipeline to supply safe Drinking Water to all 10 buildings and installation of new pipeline in addition to the existing pipeline for supply of Water for General Use - other than for drinking to all 10 buildings in the campus.

The Host Club and its members will be responsible for receiving, disbursing and accounting for the utilization of fundus, for drafting the interim and final reports, and for communicating progress, outcomes and challenges to the International Club. In collaboration with the Rotary related entities in the community where the project will occur, the host club members will be involved in the selection of vendors, oversight of implementation and working with the media and public officials to assure monitoring and sustainability processes. The Host Club will oversee the Student and Community Education Program and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of outcomes as described in the project goals.

The International Club will be responsible for providing input into planning, design and implementation of the project, for facilitating grant applications, for securing the funding needed and to provide updates to individuals and organizations supporting the project from the international perspective.

Budget for the project is $ 158,000

Funds collected from Rotarians and Rotary Club and Host and International Rotary Districts: $ 19,000

Funds collected from Non-rotarians: $ 41,000 and pledges from Non-rotarians $ 10,000

Timeline: October 2019-March 2020

1.Construction of overhead tank and 3 ground level tanks - 4 months

2. Installation of Water Softening/Treatment plant - 1 month

3. Installation of Reverse osmosis plant, insulated storage tank for Drinking Water and installation of pipelines for Drinking Water and Water for General Use - 1 month

Primary Host Partner

District: 3020

Rotary Club of: Vijayawada Midtown

Primary Contact: Sam Movva

Email: sammovva@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 6310

Rotary Club of: Saginaw Sunrise

Primary Contact: Sam Kottamasu

Email: skottam761@aol.com

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This project has been "Dropped". Check the history log entries to see why it was dropped.

Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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