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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Trichy

Total Budget: $88,857

Area of Focus: Basic education and literacy

Title : Construction of Science Laboratory and Class Room

Host Club : Rotary Club of Kattur has immense pleasure in serving the human mankind since the year 1963 and is in its 57th year of Charter.

Brief History of the School:

HCK Balavihar Matriculation School is a Non-profit making education institution primary focusing on providing quality education to the rural children drawn from nearly 15 villages which are deprived of school infrastructure for shaping up the children education career.

HCK Balavihar provides the quality education at a much affordable cost to the first generation children to the parents with meagre education / education back ground.

The parents of these first generation children primary does the agricultural activity and the meagre income thus drawn by them will not be sufficient to give their children the quality education and to face this competitive world in the near future.

The parents earning will be just sufficient to make a below normal livelihood and the children education will be compromised or at many instances the children will not further pursue their school education in complete.

HCK Balavihar Matriculation School envisaged the need for the school with state of art infrastructure and took up the noble service of providing quality education at much affordable cost.

HCK Balavihar was incepted during the academic year 2011-12 as the Nursey and Primary School with a meagre strength of 45 students.

Over the past seven years of its presence, HCK Balavihar has introduced further higher standards and has presently enrolled 964 students (Girls students are 429 and Boys students are 535) during the ongoing academic year 2018-19.

HCK Balavihar, presently caters the education needs of the rural students from Pre KG to Tenth standard and also teaches Hindi as an additional language to the students at all standards.

Advantages / Benefits of the envisaged project for the Science Laboratory / Additional two class rooms.

Construction of Science Laboratory:

The envisaged Rotary Grants project for the construction of the Science Laboratory at HCK Balavihar Matriculation school located at Kattur has the following advantages.

The Present day students will be able to understand the science basics with much better clarity as prescribed in their syllabi.

The thinking power gradually improves and the interest toward the subject increases considerably.

The conceptual understanding of the core principles of the subject will be understood by way of doing the practical lab trials and this strengthens the IQ Level.

The lateral thinking concept improves considerably and this paves way for the

Newer concepts will kindle the young students mind and this will be like sowing the seed for the future scientist in the making.

The core concept understanding will enable to do well in their academics and scoring high marks.

The practical way of science concept understanding by the student will make them remember for their life time.

Of all the above advantages envisaged, training the mind to become the future scientist will be inculcated at a very younger age itself.

Construction of additional class rooms:

In order to cater the increased student strength at HCK Balavihar, there exists a immediate need for the need of additional two class rooms.

The following advantages are envisaged for the construction of additional class rooms at HCK Balavihar Matriculation School.

The Students will be able to be in conducive atmosphere of enough free space and will be able to concentrate in their curriculum in a much better way.

The concentration in their curriculum will increase the interest shown by the students towards the studies.

In this regard, please find attached here with the Photographs of the proposed model of the Science laboratory in the attached pdfs

Cost Estimation.

The offers for the civil construction was collected from the competent civil contractors and the least quote with prior similar experience in the construction have been considered in the final evaluation.

Of the offers collected for the construction of the science laboratory and the additional two class rooms, M/s AEM Constructions quote was competitive and based on the prior experience in executing similar nature of Job

Civil Construction cost for the Science Laboratory including the cost of the Cement and Steel and other basic carpentry requirements. (20 feet width x 56 feet long covering the area of 1120 square foot) = Rs. 33.05 Lakhs

Purchase of science laboratory equipment's as per the prescribed syllabus = Rs.0.52 Lakhs

Grand Total Cost estimate for the construction of the Science Laboratory = Rs.33.77 Lakhs

Construction of Two additional class rooms of Size 20 feet width x 28 feet long each.(Each class room will have the area of 560 Sq. ft., The cost includes the cost for the cement and Sand) = Rs.28.43 Lakhs

Total Project $ 88,857 ( Calculated @ $1 = Rs.70)

The above cost estimates are Exclusive of applicable GST / Duties as applicable during the project implementation stage.

The President, Secretary and the members of The Rotary Club of Kattur, put forth this project for grants to benefit of the rural children from nearly fifteen nearby villages in the school location vicinity and this service project will be beneficial to many generation of students studying at HCK Balavihar Matriculation School.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3000

Rotary Club of: Kattur

Primary Contact: D. Gobi

Email: gopidg@yahoo.co.in

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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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