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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: Philippines

Location: Quezon City

Total Budget: $90,001

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

Beneficiary:Patients with hematological, oncological and immune deficiency diseases including those with Thalassemia and Leukemia. Estimated number of patients on a monthly basis will from 300 to 500.

Description of the Project:

In partnership with Fe Del Mundo Medical Center,Quezon City will be putting up a blood bank program that aims to cater patients with hematological, oncological and immune deficiency diseases, most especially the indigent patients.


The cooperating partner, Fe Del Mundo Medical Center in Quezon City, will provide the following services:

1. Product Service and Maintenance

FDMMC will perform the essential and routine maintenance procedures on the instrument as contained in the instrument operation maintenance manuals. FDMMC in coordination with the equipment supplier shall strictly follow Preventive maintenance schedules according to the manufacturer's specification/protocols with parts, labor and service. FDMMC shall appoint personnel who shall be authorized to inspect, repair, revise and/or replace the parts necessary to keep the machine in good condition.

2. Manpower Availability

The FDMMC will ensure that the Department of Laboratory Medicine have the appropriate number of trained personnel to perform and provide the different services offered.

3. Consultant's Availability

The FDMMC has certified doctors, who are experts in the specialty of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, as well as Transfusion Medicine who are available for consultation.

4. Services for Inpatient, Out Patient & service Patient (Charity)

FDMMC has services offered for Inpatient, Outpatients (Internal Medicine & Pediatrics) and Service (Charity) patients (Pediatrics & OB- Gyne).

5. Media Exposure

We have Partners in Media (Radio & Newspaper) for promotion of the hospital services, as well as for educational and marketing purposes.

6. Sustain Donor for Apheresis

The FDMMC, with the help our medical and hospital staff, together with our stakeholders, will ensure the maximal and appropriate utilization of the equipment to benefit as many patients as possible and utilize our networks with other hospitals, institutions and affiliate companies and organizations to maintain and sustain the purpose of donation.

Project Cost:

Category Description Supplier Cost in PHP PhLocalCureCurrency Cost in USD

Equipment Apheresis Machine (2 pcs) SBS Incorporated 4, 800, 000 87, 273

Training 1727

Marker 500 500

Logistics T/O Cere cerem TT/OTurnover 500 500

Total 4, 800, 000 90,000.

Role of Primary Club Sponsor

1. Project promotions

2. Reporting, Stewardship and liquidation

3. Project monitoring and coordination with partner/implementing organization/institution

Primary Host Partner

District: 3780

Rotary Club of: Loyola Heights

Primary Contact: Jesse Tanchanco

Email: jessetanchanco@yahoo.com

Primary International Partner

District: 4630

Rotary Club of: Maringá-Colombo

Primary Contact: Mauro Duarte

Email: gd1718@rotary4630.org.br

Project Status

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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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History Log Entries


by Jesse Tanchanco

System Entry: Creation of project page.


by Mauro Duarte

System Entry: Pledge of $1 by Mauro Duarte of the Rotary Club of Maringá-Colombo, District 4630.


by Mauro Duarte

System Entry: Pledge of $12,000 DDF by Robson Caetano of District 4410.


by Mauro Duarte

System Entry: Pledge of $8,000 DDF by Julio Lossio of District 4490.


by Mauro Duarte

System Entry: Project is now "Fully Pledged".

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