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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Pingori near Pune

Total Budget: $33,431

Area of Focus: Economic and community development


FOCUS AREA: This is a humanitarian project which will provide local cows to 30 young farmers in Pingori village, about 70 km southwest of Pune. It falls under the Rotary focus area of economic and community development.

PROJECT NEED: Farming in rural India is not a lucrative professional especially for the youth, who prefer to migrate to urban towns and cities to seek employment and opportunities. This cow project will provide an opportunity for the rural youth to remain in the village and build a steady sustainable income from the sale of milk directly to urban customers.

PROJECT DETAILS: The goal is to carefully select 30 young villagers, who are willing to self-finance 50% of the cost of two local Gir cows for dairy purposes. Rotary will finance the remaining 50% of the cost of the cows. Two cows will provide a steady income for the young dairy farmers throughout the year, despite a dry period of 4 months for each cow. Each cow gives about 12 liters of 4.5% fat content milk for 250 days, providing a monthly income of Rs 12,500 from direct sales. Including lactation periods for each cow, Rs 25,000 monthly income should sustain a rural family and their cows comfortably. Each family can grow their number of cows by breeding to further raise their incomes. The increasing cattle population will also be able to provide cow-dung manure for the local farmers for organic farming.


Cost of cows: Rs 60,000 X 2 = Rs 120,000

Number of beneficiaries: 30 and their families directly

Total Cost of Cows: Rs 120,000 X 30 = Rs 36,00,000

Beneficiaries Share: 50% through self-finance: Rs 18,00,000

Rotary's Support Share: Rs 18,00,000

Insurance & Vet costs for first 3 years: Rs 1800/cow per year

Rs 1800 X 60 X 3 = Rs 3,24,000

Contingencies, Training & Travel: Rs 2,16,170

Total Project Costs: Rs 23,40,170 ($33,431 @ Rs 70=$1.00)


Contributors Contribution TRF Matching

Host Clubs (Aundh/Partners) $ 3954 $ 1977

International Partner Club/s $ 5000 $ 2500

Host District 3131 (DDF) $ 5000 $ 5000

International District RID (DDF) $ 5000 $ 5000

Total $ 18954 $ 14477

Grand Total $ 33431 (Rs 23,40,170)

Note: A need based assessment is underway to estimate the feasibility, implementation, financial cost and benefits of this project. Rotary has done water conservation, drip irrigation, desilting & excavation, organic farming, tree plantation, school computer laboratory, Rotary Distance Education Program and several such projects in Pingori over the past five years.


Rtn Sandesh Savant, sandeshsavant@rediffmail.com

91 98220 91102

Rtn Baba Shinde, babashinde@rediffmail.com, 91 98811 91351

Primary Host Partner

District: 3131

Rotary Club of: Pune Sports City

Primary Contact: Sandesh Savant

Email: sandeshsavant@rediffmail.com

Primary International Partner

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Need $11,667
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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