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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Bolivia

Location: Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Total Budget: $54,700

Area of Focus: Peace and conflict prevention/resolution


Executive Summary

The Project consists of implementing the Program for the Prevention of Child Abuse in at least 10 schools, between public, convention and / or private schools, of the preschool and primary cycle, of the City of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and its annexed districts, Bolivia.

Its purpose is to reduce the incidence of child sexual abuse in the capital of the Department of Santa Cruz, the area with the highest population density in the country, which is a problem that affects the child population regardless of their socio-economic situation. This project will favor the empowerment of students, parents and teachers in the prevention, detection and monitoring of cases of child abuse.

We work together with Asociación Nuevos Pasos, an organization that started this project some years ago (4 years ago), and that through the economic and professional contribution that this proposal (or project) contemplates, it will be able to cover a larger child population sector. Within the framework of a strategic alliance with this organization and the credibility and institutional image that Rotary International has in the middle, this project will achieve a greater impact on society, with a communicational process that will generate greater awareness in the population, also strengthening a Networking with entities such as the Children's Ombudsman and other social agents still very weak.



The department of Santa Cruz is the department with the highest population density, with a high percentage of immigrants from the interior.

It was observed that at the governmental level there is very low assistance directed at the problem of child sexual abuse.

Bolivia ranks second in Latin America in the incidence of child sexual abuse, showing the statistics the following numbers:

- 16 children and adolescents are raped every day

- 23% boys and 34% girls suffer sexual assault before age 18

- 75% of cases are reported at home or at school

- 0.5% of cases end in sentence

- 90% of hearings are suspended

- 0.2% of victims receive psychological support.

The sustainability of the project will be defined by:

- The training of the Rotary team to be a support and part of the implementation of the Program in the Prevention and Detection stage.

- The agreement with UAGRM University, on the support of professionals in the area of ​​psychology, as well as in the area of ​​masters in Forensic Psychology, the latter being responsible for making the therapeutic part of the victims.

- The strategic alliance of Rotary's joint work with Asociación Nuevos Pasos, which has a basic multidisciplinary team to deal with possible cases detected.

- Agreement of joint work with the Schools that will benefit from the application of the program. The Schools can act as sponsors (sustenance) from the material of another School or as recipients of the program, in both cases the teachers are trained to be active collaborators in the prevention stage and in the monitoring of the Detection.


The Project for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, is developed in three stages:

- Prevention

- Detection

- Follow up


Our main focus is on prevention; which is developed in schools mainly in children of preschool and primary age, through educational and recreational activities, with the participation of professionals in the areas of psychology, pedagogy and psychopedagogy.

As a fundamental part of the project is the training of teachers in the implementation of the program, since they are the people who in many cases spend more time with the children; This training gives them the necessary tools to impart the guidelines on prevention, as well as allows them to detect possible cases of abuse.

Training is provided to parents through educational and information schools about the prevention and detection of sexual abuse, giving them written material in which all the relevant information is presented so that they can also transmit and follow up their children who have benefited from the program.

2- Detection:

Detection is the stage in which once the activities are carried out directly with the children, using drawings, stories and other activities; You may have some evidence of possible abuse.

At this stage, the support of psychologists with extensive knowledge in the interpretation of drawings is essential, in order to be able to carry out a true "diagnosis".

Once the detection is made, personalized interviews are conducted with children who may be presenting signs of abuse, to perform psychological tests that can give a better picture of the situation of the child in question. Likewise, home visits are made to the children's homes and interviews are conducted with the parents or guardians of the children, in order to know how the children and their environment coexist.

3- Follow up:

Through the New Steps Foundation, when an abuse is confirmed in a child, we work together with social workers, psychologists and family lawyers, giving guidance to the family on the steps to follow.

When the denunciation is obtained before the pertinent authorities, an accompaniment is made to the family so much to psychological level as to legal level, so that the derivation of the case does not remain in dead papers; in the best of cases, this accompaniment can help to obtain a sentence against the aggressor.


At the close of management, the number of direct and indirect beneficiaries that have been reached with the Program will be evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively.

The New Steps Association will provide a detailed report with the conclusions and the necessary follow-up to be carried out in each school intervened, making Rotary a special follow-up to the cases of abuse detected.

At each school intervened, a semi-annual report with the necessary follow-up will be requested.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4690

Rotary Club of: Grigota

Primary Contact: Sílvia M. Zerda

Email: silviazerda@maxiking.com.bo

Primary International Partner

District: 5330

Rotary Club of: San Bernardino Sunset

Primary Contact: Bricia Elawar

Email: bricialam@hotmail.com

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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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