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Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: 23-a

Total Budget: $57,170

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

Human Milk Bank

To improve our quality of care, HG seeks to make the installation of the Human Milk Bank, with a structure of 199.85mē, the only one in the region of Serra Gaúcha, which ends up making the Human Milk Bank of the General Hospital a service of reference. The Milk Bank should: - Promote the practice of breastfeeding and collect the surplus of lactic production of nursing mothers who are willing to donate; - To have its own control mechanisms, using forms and numbered sheets, of donors and recipients, that allow the daily recording of the products collected and distributed, addresses and results of the quality control analysis of the products, being available to the sanitary authority during the period stipulated by it; - To carry out a screening of the donors according to the register, selecting the nursing mothers considered to be unfit, who: a) Are carriers of contagious infectious diseases; b) Use drugs or drugs that are excreted through milk, at levels that promote side effects in recipients;

c) Are under chemotherapeutic or radiotherapeutic treatment; d) show signs of malnutrition; e) Are considered unfit for other reasons. - Send to the competent sanitary body, within the deadline stipulated by it: a) Summary of the quality control reports of the products; b) Total volume of products collected, substituted and unfit for consumption; c) Total number of receivers attended, with the respective records and volumes consumed. Human milk is the ideal food for all children, with all its nutrients we can say that it is considered a complete and sufficient food to ensure healthy growth and development of the baby during the first two years of life, in addition human milk ( maternal) has components and mechanisms capable of protecting the child from various diseases. The Human Milk Bank is a non-profit establishment, being prohibited the purchase and sale in the acquisition and distribution of Human Milk, being the responsibility of the BLH, to guide, execute and control the operations of collection, selection, classification, processing, control clinical, quality and distribution of milked human milk. Pasteurized Human Milk is primarily intended for the child of the nurse, and may also be used for other infants, ensuring that the donation is exclusively from the surplus. Because of this the General Hospital seeks financial support from this club to make possible this initiative that helps us achieve one of our main goals that is to improve the health of children as we have a commitment to life

Primary Host Partner

District: 4700

Rotary Club of: Caxias do Sul

Primary Contact: Fabio Urruth Do Amaral

Email: fabiouamaral@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 3012

Rotary Club of:

Primary Contact: Deepak Gupta

Email: deepak_gupta41@hotmail.com

Project Status

Need $26,114
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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by Rudimar Constante Borghetti

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System Entry: Pledge of $9,000 DDF by Deepak Gupta of District 3012.

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