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Region: South America

Country: Argentina

Location: General José San Martin

Total Budget: $40,268

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Water and sanitation

The project consists of procuring water and improving hygiene and health conditions in four (4) rural schools of Libertador General San Martín Department, guaranteeing them access to sufficient quantities of water suitable for human consumption, hand washing stations, separate sanitary facilities for boys and girls and promotion of hygiene, as well as healthy eating and cooking. The central idea is not only the sanitary adequacy but thanks to it the education in hygiene and activities and workshops to achieve a change of mentality in the students that at the same time promotes the same change in the behavior of their family groups, including their siblings and the cohabiting adults in each neighborhood that surrounds the schools. All the schools are inserted in poor communities, with very low resources and with little or no literacy.

At Primary School No. 428, 15 km away from the city of General José de San Martín, about 30 students of both sexes, between 6 and 15 years old, have to travel regularly, covering a distance of about 8000 ms. to be able to arrive to the school that is attended by three teachers and that is surrounded by a rural community where some 33 families live. In the school there is also a school dinning-room and in one of its classrooms, health care is provided to the community through a nurse; Regarding it, the project includes the construction of two complete bathrooms, one for girls and one for boys, since the homes where these students live do not have any such facilities; it s also foreseen the reconditionin of the kitchen and electrical installation that presents an enormous risk for the life and health of the entire educational community; the existence and flow of water is already assured in the place which guarantees the efficient supply of the bathrooms and kitchen as well as the irrigation of the school garden attended by students and teachers who provide fresh vegetables for the daily feeding of the whole school .

Regarding the Agricultural Family School (EFA) N ° 141, primary and secondary school which is located in Paraje Buena Vista of the mentioned Colony of Campo Bermejo about 15 km. far from de Gral. J. de San Martín About 120 people attend it daily, in Primary Level from 6 to 12 years old and in Secondary Levey , from 12 to 18 years old. 60% of them are women and 40% are men; it has 71 teachers; They also receive students from other colonies given the degree of agricultural specialization they have, also having their own Orchard . The Project contemplates the installation of a system of collection, transport and storage of rainwater from the roofs of all the buildings that compose it through the installation of gutters and their supports, downs, intermediate storage tanks, and the construction of two ( 2) Cisterns of 30,000 lts. of capacity each one that added to the existing one of 16,000 lts. and the temporary storage tanks would form a reserve capacity of 98,000 liters. enough to withstand 9 weeks without rain without needing to ration water for human consumption.

Regarding Primary School No. 497 also from Paraje Buena Vista, neighbor of the EFA, 33 children and 27 girls between 5 and 14 years old, with 7 teachers from different areas (including Ed. Physics, Orchard and Gardening and General Level) attend daily ) and also has its own Orchard . In relation to this school, the Project includes the installation of a system for collecting and transporting rainwater from the roofs of its buildings, complementing it with the installation of a 1 HP electric water pump to raise the water from the existing tank to the elevated tank. . It should be noted that in the Paraje Buena Vista there are around 70 families, almost all of them with very scarce resources.

Finally, regarding the Secondary Education School No. 157 located in "Campo La Aurora" with Student Residence that houses 22 inmates of both sexes and attended by 43 students of both sexes, 42 km away. from the city of Gral. José de San Martín, as it lacks its own bathrooms and the entire educational community must use an old and unique restroom whic works from another School of the área. Project contemplates the construction of two full bathrooms in the hostel, one for children and one for girls and three double bathrooms in the new building with their respective hand washing stations, showers and feeding systems. Noting that the institution has regular and continuous drinking water supply in the same place attended by the State Company SAMEEP that also feeds part of homes of the Rural Colony. The Project also includes training and awareness-raising tasks for the beneficiary educational community and the families of the surrounding neighborhoods through talks, meetings, workshops, meetings and and theoretical-practical classes in the same schools with teachers working there, local leaders, technicians of the company of the SAMEEP State and Rotarians

The installation of sink stations and showers will exert a remarkable and revolutionary change in the hygiene habits of the local children that will surely be projected towards their family groups. The project will also allow an improvement in the primary health care provided in those institutions, in particular maternal and child should be borne in mind that in this Province of Chaco the rate of infant deaths is 11.1, neonatal deaths 6.9 and deaths fetal 7.30 (per thousand live births)

The GG will provide the materials, to be purchased through tenders in local suppliers as well as the payment of the labor that will be hired in the same locality and transport and freight of materials to the rural area through the Rotarians involved in the Project. Total Direct Beneficiaries: Approximately 275 people .

General José San Martin is located in the Province of Chaco, 120 km from the Provincial Resistance Capital and is the head town of the General San Martín Liberating Department; According to the 2010 Census, it has 41473 inhabitants, distributed 67% in the urban area and 33% in the rural area (13349 inhabitants).

According to this same census, 13% of the total population can not read or write, a figure that rises twice in the rural area, hence the need to strengthen the education system in the rural area in order to be a multiplier effect due to the influence and participation developed by teachers not only through teaching with children but also to the elderly and the entire rural community.

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District: 4845

Rotary Club of: General José de San Martín

Primary Contact: Hugo Alberto Mujica

Email: mujica.hugo@gmail.com

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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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